Installing Tomcat under Red Hat

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I've written a short guide to help with Installing Tomcat under Red Hat Linux.

Blue World Communications (I used to be their Director of Technology) has released version of the Lasso Web Data Engine. I guess someone thought the version number had to be Microsoft-stylized. :-)

Connectix introduced Virtual PC 4.0. Some much needed improvements (better performance, auto-expandable disk images, multi-OSs support, etc.) We might upgrade. No mention of OS X though.

Indecision 2000 - Florida's "voter cleansing" program.

The second installment of the Dunes miniseries moved a little quicker. Vicki rightfully pointed out that William Hurt had a very small role after all. Still a yawner, IMAO.

The Ozone hole will heal, say British scientists.

Apache Group unveils Java-based SVG viewer & toolkit.

Sun will introduce Forte for Java Release 2, Internet Edition next week. I use Forte for Java CE, once in a while; it's pretty nice. The JSP plug-in does sound interesting. I've yet to find a decent JSP IDE, and I've tried them all (UltraDev, VisualAge, JBuilder, etc.)

Bette Midler's TV hubby walks out. I kinda liked the guy.

Yet another McAfee VirusScan definition update.