Daily Newz

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Sun announces XML for Java interface specs.

The Top 100 Products of 2000. Amazingly enough, I have no interests in any of them whatsoever.

Windows Media Player 7 Bonus Pack.

Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon. I'll be there on December 15.

A little slapping around, a little hacking -- a lot of fun.

Indecision 2000 - David Boies at his best, courtesy of Adam Curry.

GraphicConverter 4.01 is out.

The first installment of the Dunes miniseries was a little slow for my taste. Hopefully it will pick up some pace tonite. Vicki thought it was a lot closer to the book than the 1994 movie was. The scenery, decors and wide camera angles reminded me of the first Star Wars.

A puzzling article on Interfacing with Java from PHP.

SGI buys into SuSE Linux. One of these days I'll find time to play with SuSE. I hear it is pretty good and works great on PowerPCs.

Anne, Dolly, Ricky… who knows which way they really swing? And really… Who cares?

Porn a Thorn for Indian Portal. Where's Larry Flint when you need him?

Why U2's Bono Gets an $80 Tip? Sounds just like Paul Hewson (aka. Bono) to keep it all for himself. ;)