Daily Newz

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Wanna buy Mitnick's prison ID?

pam and tcsh updates for RedHat 6.2.

I've already installed most of KDE 2.0 using the source rpms when it was first released. The RedHat 6.2 rpms are now available. Hopefully I'll be able to do a full install this time around.

Visual Builder has a small piece of Java code which demonstrates how to read a properties file. You might also want to check the GeekTools Whois Java Client source code for another example.

You should read User Interface Design for Programmers by Joel Spolsky if you haven't done so already.

E-mail virus shocks Linux.

Motorola's wireless phones will play Sega's Java games.

Don't buy my CD!

To Wap or Not to Wap.

Dune miniseries starts on Sci-Fi tonite.