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My Projects

Android AppsLast Modified: 2015-10-21 Android
My collection of Android applications.

BlackBerry AppsLast Modified: 2012-03-22 BlackBerry
My collection of BlackBerry applications.

ClasspathLast Modified: 2001-09-07 git
A Java class which demonstrates how to determine if a specific library is included in the system class path.

bookmarks2opmlLast Modified: 2000-12-22 git
A Perl script which automatically converts IE's bookmarks or favorites to OPML. The code is fully commented, but there is no formal documentation. If you're using MacPerl, you should turn the script into a droplet.

Google Tag LibraryLast Modified: 2003-10-09 CVS Google Tag Library
With the Google JSP Tag Library, developers and designers can easily incorporate Google queries, search results, cached pages and spelling suggestions into any web site or application.

HttpStatus JSP Tag LibraryLast Modified: 2019-05-07 git HttpStatus JSP Tag Library
A simple JSP Tag Library to display the code, reason and/or cause for HTTP status codes in JSP error pages.

JSP TagListLast Modified: 2001-03-15 git jsptag.txt
An UltraEdit tag list referencing all JSP directive, action and tag library tags as well as frequently used built-in objects.

IMAP 2001a-15 w/ DRACLast Modified: 2003-03-20 imap-2001a-15drac.i386.rpm
Red Hat 8 packages for imap-2001a-15 with DRAC support. Colin Bloch has included them with his installation instructions.

IMAP 2001a-18 w/ DRACLast Modified: 2003-04-09 imap-2001a-18drac.i386.rpm
Red Hat 9 packages for imap-2001a-18 with DRAC support. Colin Bloch has included them with his installation instructions.

kobalt-execLast Modified: 2017-04-30 git kobalt-exec
Command Line Execution plug-in for the Kobalt build system.

kobalt-maven-localLast Modified: 2017-04-24 git kobalt-maven-local
Maven Local Repository plug-in for the Kobalt build system.

kobalt-pom2xmlLast Modified: 2018-01-02 git kobalt-exec
Project Object Model (POM) generation plug-in for the Kobalt build system.

kobalt-property-fileLast Modified: 2017-05-30 git kobalt-property-file
Property Files editor plug-in for the Kobalt build system.

kobalt-versioneyeLast Modified: 2017-04-25 git kobalt-versioneye
VersionEye plug-in for the Kobalt build system.

LifeBloggerLast Modified: 2004-08-26 git LifeBlogger
LifeBlogger allows you to post your Nokia Lifeblog favorites to your blog.

LOAF PortsLast Modified: 2003-11-17 LOAF Ports
Various ports of the LOAF project.

MIDletsLast Modified: 2005-07-07 MIDlets
My collection of J2ME MIDlets, including GooglME and YahooME.

mobibotLast Modified: 2015-10-26 git mobibot
mobibot is the Java-based bot residing on the #mobitopia IRC channel.

pinboard-posterLast Modified: 2018-06-26 git pinboard-poster
A small Kotlin/Java library for posting to Pinboard.

RobotsLast Modified: 2006-02-14 git mobibot
A utility class to identify a browser's user-agent against a list of known search engines, crawlers, spiders and robots. [More...]

Semantic Version Annotation ProcessorLast Modified: 2017-05-30 git Semantic Version Annotation Processor
Automatically generates a semantic version class based on annotation attributes or properties file. The generated source code is based on a fully customizable Mustache template.

Semantic Version Plugin for GradleLast Modified: 2019-04-23 git semver-gradle
A Semantic Version Plugin for Gradle that manages a project version via a properties file, and provide tasks to automatically increment major, minor, patch and build version numbers.

SherlockRSSLast Modified: 2004-08-06 git SherlockRSS
SherlockRSS allows your to view RSS feeds in Sherlock. [More...]

SimplePoolLast Modified: 2004-03-30 SVN SimplePool
A simple database connection pool for webapps using JSTL.

TestNG GeneratorLast Modified: 2006-02-24 git TestNG Generator
TestNG Generator is a is a very simple IntelliJ IDEA plugin that generates a TestNG test class skeleton for all of the current class methods.

TextToHTMLLast Modified: 2003-11-26 git
A set of XML/HTML encoding methods which have been donated to the Roller Weblogger project.

xmmslist 0.1Last Modified: 2003-08-23 git xmmslist
A Python script to generate a publishable playlist using XMMS.

webOS AppsLast Modified: 2011-04-05 webOS
My collection of webOS applications.

zAIM 0.1.1Last Modified: 2003-04-07 git zAIM_0.1.1_arm.ipk
Access the AOL Quick Buddy (AIM) applet directly on your Zaurus. The Jeode applet viewer is used to automatically open and configure the applet. The package is really small as the applet is actually accessed over the Internet. The applet windows and dialogs are pre-configured for the Zaurus screen size (whenever possible). A screenshot is available here.

My Zaurus software feed is here.