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LifeBlogger allows you to post your Nokia Lifeblog favorites to your blog.

Your images, text notes and videos can now be effortlessly posted to your blog using FTP (Blogger, etc.) or via the MetaWeblog API (Movable Type, Radio UserLand, etc.), or via the Textamercia API. [More...]

LifeBlogger makes extensive use of various open source libraries, including:


LifeBlogger was based on a concept developed by:

The open source code is written and maintained by Erik C. Thauvin.

This web page layout was stolen from Nokia.

Click here to view the LifeBlogger open source license.


Web Start
If you have Web Start installed, you can run LifeBlogger right away. »

Nokia Lifeblog 1.0 or 1.5
Java 1.4

LifeBlogger only runs on Windows, at least until Nokia produces a Lifeblog version for Mac or Linux.

You can also download the latest source archive. »

Or browse/download the source code from CVS. »

Still not convinced? Try here and here or here.

© Erik C. Thauvin 2004.