Movies (2004)

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Blade: Trinity
Broken up story line, but still quite fun.

After The Sunset
Brosnan excels in these kind of movies, just like he did in The Thomas Crown Affair. The formula works.

The Incredibles

Ladder 49
A good tear-jerker.

Splendid cinematography, unfortunately the storyline did not really entice me.

As good as I hoped it would be.

The Bourne Supremacy
Even better than the first one. I just love it when a sequel holds up to the original.

I, Robot
Extremely well paced, and quite funny. Flawless action scenes. What else can you ask for?

King Arthur
Not bad. Not great. Just light and pleasant.

Spider-Man 2
All little slow at times, but the story held together a lot better than the first one. Stellar special effects, as usual.

Dodgeball: A True Underdog Story
Arf… Arf… Brainless, but funny.

The Chronicles of Riddick
Classic sci-fi story; non-stop action.

The Day After Tomorrow
Big budget, yet low-key and quite entertaining. Props for not going over the top with the special effects.

Tried really hard to be the next Gladiator, but didn't quite get there. Enjoyable nevertheless. Bana, who was passable in The Hulk, turns in a good performance.

Van Helsing
Action packed; it just never stops.

Kill Bill — Volume 2
Predictable and uneventful. Felt more like outtakes from Vol. 1.

Fun. Fun. Fun. But a little light on action.

The Punisher
In the same vein as Daredevil. Good, but not great.