HTC Touch Cruise: Early Thoughts

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Some of my thoughts on using the HTC Touch Cruise since last Friday:

  • You really have to take out the battery to put in the SIM card. Took me a while to figure it out.
  • Very lightweight. So light it almost feels like a toy.
  • Fast. Way faster than the Tilt, which doesn't make much sense. Even HSDPA seems faster. It makes me wonder if the ROM cooked by AT&T is just crap.
  • The speaker is pretty loud, which is nice for soft ringtones and speakerphone usage.
  • The CD comes with Sprite Backup (v. 5.x, not the latest), TomTom 6.0.32 (with a free sampler map download), and Spb GPRS Monitor.
  • WorldCard is not included. The Kaiser version found on xda-developers doesn't work either.
  • Setting the phone up for AT&T was a no-brainer using the Setup Connection wizard.
  • The corded headset is also used as the FM antenna. FM Radio won't work with the Tilt or 8525 corded headsets.
  • The FM Radio app displays the station name and/or track info if provided.
  • The standard Windows Mobile Pro apps are installed by default. The only other apps I noticed were RSS Hub which is based on Ilium's NewsBreak and Opera 8.65.
  • The new Camera Album doesn't support the HTC Task Manager button settings. Taping/holding the X in the app, suspends it; never closes it.
  • Windows Mobile Device Center show a nice picture of the Touch Cruise when syncing. It always displayed a generic PDA picture with both the Tilt and 8525.
  • No problems connecting to the Prius and Jawbone via BT.

Bar none the best WinMo phone I've ever used.