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Zaurus: First Impressions
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mobitopiaI finally received my Zaurus yesterday.

Out of the Box

The pictures really don't do it justice. This is one sleek looking PDA. With the keyboard closed, it is about 3/4 inch longer than my Palm IIIx, but quite slimmer. It fits quite comfortably in one hand.

Ease of Use

It takes no time to get used to the interface, everything is where you expect it to be. The fixed buttons and cursor make it really easy to operate with one hand. The sliding keyboard is actually more useful than I thought it would be.


The Qtopia Desktop software seems adequate, although buggy. I'll probably end up using Intellsync/Palm Desktop instead.


I found a great deal on a SanDisk 256MB SD Card from Dell.

USB Hell

Setting up TCP/IP over USB is a nightmare. There is no documentation. I googled for some instructions, but nothing really worked. I even called Sharp's tech support. I was on hold for less than a minute, but they ultimately turned out to be clueless. I was finally able to get something working via a proxy which isn't very pretty and quite limiting. I'm going to have to ask for some assistance on the developer forum.

Pocket Linux

There's really nothing like using Linux in the palm of your hand.