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March 17, 2003

St. Patrick's Day


pdaSharp Ships Zaurus SL-5600.

blogFrank — Erik Barzeski wrote out a list of things that OSX does better than XP.

mobileKuwait to use text messages to alert populace to war.

AdultItalians have quickest sex in Europe (14 mins). British score highest in sex league.

macApple updates X11 public beta.

windowsMicrosoft Patches ‘Critical’ Windows 2000 Flaw. Microsoft IIS 5.0 running on Microsoft Windows 2000.

technologyGood news for software in 2003. Global software spending is expected to hit $76.1 billion in 2003.


javaSun Brewing Simpler Java. Developing enhancements to the Java language that provide a more Visual Basic-like experience.

javaOmnicore releases Java IDE CodeGuide 6.0.

java blogMatt — What to do with my Chapters?

java blogGraeme — .Net, What are the benefits? If any..

java blogDidier — HttpUnit et Cactus.

java blogCameron — Java thread scheduling.

blogBill — Shortcut keys in IE.

blogCarlos — Purchased my Zaurus for $178.03! Welcome to the club! ;-) 

java blogCedric — JUnit wish list.

developmentThe commoditization of software. The economic effects of free software.

javaJNIDirect 1.0, a library that supports JDirect-compatible native methods and method closures.

macAladdin offers Mac developers MakeBundle for free.

javaJ2EE and beyond. Impressions from the “No Fluff, Just Stuff” Java Symposium.


javaTechnologies Announces Tortuga Ozibug 1.4.0, a Servlet-based bug tracking system.

javaInterview with James Gosling.

java blogAndres — Mozilla 1.3 and Java.

java blogNanik — Planning to write a book.

java blogRickard — Memory leak tool.

mobileSony Music debuts on AT&T mMode. Ring tones, graphics and breaking news about Sony artists.

mobilemovianVPN for the P800. Certicom and Sony Ericsson.

meI just ordered a Sharp Zaurus SL-5500 PDA using the coupon listed on the More Stuff 4 Less Bargain Blog. $178.03 including s/h. Should be here within 10 days.

java blogDong — Java OLAP server.

java blogSimon — Struts Action Scripting.


javaIBM releases tutorials on Jetspeed, Advanced portlet technology.

mobileCeBIT Gallery: Siemens. M55, Bluetooth headset, Xelibri ‘Weapon’, Concept design.

javaJRockit 8.0 vs. Sun HotSpot VM Performance.

blogBob — A barebones guide to installing Oracle 9i server on OS X.

java blogJason — Open source Java - what does that mean?

java blogRafe — Perl and Java.

java blogTed — Effective Enterprise Java (Architecture): Understand componentry, Recognize ClassLoader boundaries and Understand Java Object Serialization.

mobileStopping cellphone theft. Central database listing every handset's unique identifying number starting the UK.

pdaPocket PC camera roundup. Digital camera attachments for Pocket PCs.

linuxLinux Cube. Apple G4 Cube that's been “modified” to run Linux.

mobileMotorola's A920 cellphone. Motorola's new 3G cellphone, the keypad-less A920.

mobileMotorola, Mercedes-Benz interface on phones. Motorola will provide a universal interface for mobile phone use in cars.

mobileNew Sharp SH2101V Phone or PDA? Uses the Sharp Zaurus software.

mobileSymbian and Microsoft sign RIM deals.

On March 17, 1756 — St. Patrick's Day was celebrated in New York City for the first time. The event took place at the Crown and Thistle Tavern.