Movies (2015)

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Star Wars: The Force Awakens 3D

Chewie, We're Home!

Funny, overlong and quite predictable. The Disney taming influence ever so palpable. With so many nods to the original movies, I had a tough time connecting with the new characters, etc.

Spectre (IMAX)

It tells the time. But do be careful with the alarm, it's rather loud.

Better than Skyfall. If it is Craig's last Bond as rumored; it was a nice send-off.

Mission: Impossible - Rogue Nation (IMAX)

Join the IMF and see the world. On a screen. From a closet.

The action sequences were a little underwhelming compared to previous installements, but the movie was better overall.

Ant-Man 3D (IMAX)

Pick on someone your own size!

Kinda blah. Vicki, summed it up pretty well when she said it felt a lot like a Disney PG movie.


Mark Wahlberg? Mark Wahlberg's like 150 pounds! I look like Mark Wahlberg ate Mark Wahlberg.

Pretty funny, hilarious at times.


Nothing kills me. I'm immune to 179 different types of poison. I know because I ingested them all at once when I was deep undercover in an underground poison-ingesting crime ring.

That was actually funny. Who'd have thunk it?

Avengers: Age of Ultron 3D (IMAX)

You didn't see that coming?

Good start then flatlines, picks up somewhat at the end.

Furious 7

Hey, you thought you could leave without saying goodbye?

Sometimes more is better. Over-the-top galore, well done.

Taken 3

Good luck.

I liked it better than the previous installement.