Movies (2012)

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What did you expect, an exploding pen?

Better than Quantum of Solace albeit an extremely weak opening sequence. Overlong at times and quite light on action.

Taken 2

Listen to me carefully, Kim. Your mother; is going to be taken. And people are gonna come for you too.

Not as good as the original, but still quite entertaining.

Dredd 3D (RPX)

Ma-Ma is not the law… I am the law.

Dreadful. Slow. Humorless. The slow-motion 3D was cool at first, but got old real quick. It did not help that most of the good action scenes were shown in the trailers.

Resident Evil: Retribution 3D (IMAX)

Congratulations, you're officially a badass.

3D sequences were not as good as the previous installment, but overall, a better movie. Plenty of action and gore, as expected.

The Expendables 2

I now pronounce you man and knife.

Awesomely funny one-liners galore.

The Bourne Legacy

Do you want to live? Cause I wanna live.

Took forever to get setup, but once it got going, it wasn't half bad. Though I didn't like it nearly as much as the first three.

Total Recall

If I'm not me, then who the hell am I?

You can't really compare this movie to the original. Same short story, very different kind of movies. Lots of well-paced action. I enjoyed the ride.


Mahalo, motherf… [BOOM!]

I was bracing for the worst… and left pleasantly surprised.

Snow White and the Huntsman

Mirror, mirror on the wall. Who is fairest of them all?

Fun, but long.

The Avengers 3D (IMAX)

Superheroes? In New York? Give me a break!


Wrath of the Titans

You are sweating like a human. Next it will be tears.

All over the place, yet somewhat entertaining.

The Hunger Games

May the odds be ever in your favor.

Blah. Overlong.

Ghost Rider: Spirit of Vengeance

I have some personal issues I kinda like to get fixed.

Awesome opening sequence, and it goes down the crapper from there.

Safe House

Don't worry, I'll take it from here.

Did not disappoint. It just drags you along whether you like it or not. The kickass action scenes totally make up for the thin, formulaic plot.

Man on a Ledge (CC)

Make it rain.

I was expecting a dud, but ended up really liking it.

The Grey (RPX)

Once more into the fray… Into the last good fight I'll ever know… Live or die on this day… Live or die on this day…

Build a fire… Someone gets killed… Build a fire… Someone gets killed… Build a fire… Bleh.


You shouldn't think of her as being a woman. That would be your first mistake.

Credible fight scenes but way too predictable and boring of a plot.

Underworld: Awakening 3D (RPX)

You don't know me very well.

Selene is back, and kicking arse. Thin plot (good) and non-stop action (great).

Mission Impossible: Ghost Protocol (IMAX)

Mission accomplished!

It wasn't over the top like the previous sequels, yet the action pace was well sustained.