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7 Feb 2018 Kidney Stone Removal Surgery
Surgery went as planned, post-op not so much, moving to the ICU overnight.
14 May 2016 Discharge Papers
They are kicking me out of here today. Just waiting for my orders.
11 May 2016 Room Without a View
Back in the hospital, had a couple surgeries. Bed rest yesterday, but I should be able to take a stroll today.
16 Feb 2016 Thoughts from my Hospital Bed...
Now that the NG tube doesn't hurt as much, I can finally get some rest. I fell asleep a few minutes after Vicki left last night. 3 am, fully awake. Left with...
5 Apr 2012 Decoding Your Medical Bills
Americans can't afford health care.
19 Jul 2007 AOPA offers Congress a plan to combat medical certificate fraud
AOPA has proposed a four-point plan to help the FAA combat the small number of falsified pilot medical certificates. AOPA President Phil Boyer told Congress...
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