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2/7/18 Kidney Stone Removal Surgery
Surgery went as planned, post-op not so much, moving to the ICU overnight.
5/14/16 Discharge Papers
They are kicking me out of here today. Just waiting for my orders.
5/11/16 Room Without a View
Back in the hospital, had a couple surgeries. Bed rest yesterday, but I should be able to take a stroll today.
2/16/16 Thoughts from my Hospital Bed...
Now that the NG tube doesn't hurt as much, I can finally get some rest. I fell asleep a few minutes after Vicki left last night. 3 am, fully awake. Left with...
4/5/12 Decoding Your Medical Bills
Americans can't afford health care.
7/19/07 AOPA offers Congress a plan to combat medical certificate fraud
AOPA has proposed a four-point plan to help the FAA combat the small number of falsified pilot medical certificates. AOPA President Phil Boyer told Congress...
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