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14 Oct 2012 SNL: iPhone 5 Critics vs. Factory Workers
You wanted Starbucks, but it took you to Dunkin' Donuts? That must be hard for you.
12 Oct 2011 iOS 5 killed my Android...
Yes, it did. In order to complete my iPhone 4 upgrade to iOS 5, I had to remove the SIM card from my Nexus S and put it into the iPhone. Unfortunately once I...
12 Nov 2010 $0.01 iPhone 4 Case
Just got my $0.01 iPhone 4 case from DefaultCase. Pretty sweet.
24 Jun 2010 iPhone 4: Delivered but...
Delivered, yes... but to the wrong address. FedEx is tracking the package down. Should know more in an hour or so.
23 Jun 2010 iPhone 4: On Schedule
23 Jun 2010 iPhone 4: Delivery Estimate
21 Jun 2010 iPhone 4: Shipped!
17 Jun 2010 Your Recent Online AT&T Order
ERIK THAUVIN, Order Number: XXXXXXXXXX CTN: XXXXXXXXXX Thank you for your order. Your iPhone4 pre-order has been received and is being processed in the order...
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