SemVer, HttpStatus & Pinboard Poster

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I've just updated a few more libraries:

  • Semantic Version Annotation Processor 1.2.1
    • An annotation processor that automatically generates a class based on a Mustache template and containing the semantic version (major, minor, patch, etc.) that is read from a Properties file or defined in the annotation.

      import net.thauvin.erik.semver.Version;
      @Version(major = 2, minor = 1, patch = 1, preRelease = "beta")
      public class A {
          // ...
  • HttpStatus JSP Tag Library 1.1.0
    • A simple JSP Tag Library to display the code, reason, cause and/or message for HTTP status codes in JSP error pages.

      <%@ page isErrorPage="true" %>
      <%@ taglib prefix="hs" uri="" %>
      <title><hs:code/> <hs:reason default="Server Error"/></title>
      <h1><hs:reason default="Server Error"/></h1>
      Cause: <pre><hs:cause default="Unable to complete your request."/></pre>
      Message: <pre><hs:message default="A server error has occured."/></pre>
  • Pinboard Poster for Kotlin, Java and Android 1.1.0
    • A small library for posting to Pinboard.

      val poster = PinboardPoster("user:TOKEN")
      poster.addPin("", "This is a test")
      poster.addPin("", "This is a test", tags = arrayOf("foo", "bar"))