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blogMatt — Martian Links.

moblogRael — textamerica Gives Back the Photos and Free Sony Ericsson Ringtones, Themes, etc.

moblogGlenn — Tacoma Civic Network Decides Hotspots a Security Risk.

blogSimon — Big speed step in NeoOffice/J 0.7.1 for Mac OS X.

java blogLaird — Discipline.

newsBritney Spears Married in Vegas, Copy of the couple's marriage application and Britney Annuls Vegas Wedding.

blogOliver — html scraping.

blogMark — testing out blogworkz.

javajmon 0.02, a system monitor.


blogAlan — Online Persona = Real Persona?

blogRui — mySQL Navigation Warning. MySQL 4.1.1-alpha does not install correctly on Mac OS X.

netPsi 0.9.1, a cool Jabber client.

java blogMatt — Running AppFuse on Resin.

javaJAutoCombo 1.0, a reusable auto-complete combo box for JFC/Swing.

blogRoland — The Top Ten Real Nanotech Products Of 2003.

pcPC Makers Bet on Consumer Electronics in Vegas. CES.

blogBob — Web Services? What has the industry been smoking?

windowsVirtual Dimension 0.93, a virtual desktop manager.

newsFirst Look at Spirit on Mars


blogaccept headers are horribly broken. [via dive into mark b-links]

java blogRui — HOWTO/Enable PHP on Mac OS X and So MIDP is a Standard and Java is portable, huh?

blogRuss — Avedia.com: Squatted.

moblogFrank — Camera Prohibition and SyncML - hellloooo, anyone there?

java blogRusty — Thomas Zander has released UICompiler 1.2, an open source rapid prototyping tool for Swing GUIs based on Qt Designer and JDOM.

java blogKeith — joscar activity update.

java blogPatrick — My Book... Biled.

java blogNick — JPL's Maestro a Java base apps that blows me away!

blogTed — RSS Feed cleanups.

java blogCarlos — PicoChickens.

blogKeith — Links.

blogAnselm — 2004 Radar Detector Test and Buyer's Guide.

macWill Apple Keep the Lead? The New York Post writes about how Apple is the best position its been in for some time with the success of its most recent line of Macs, the iPod...

mac2004 OpenOffice.Org Status Report. Looks like a lot of progress has been made behind the scenes.

booksReview: Apache Cookbook.

java blogJoe — Rather depressing re: Javalobby and JDJ.

musicCD-Rs and MP3s Not Hurting Record Sales. Forget the industry shills' spin - the numbers prove that, for Australia, CD-Rs and MP3s are not hurting record sales in the slightest...

moblogTom — Cameraphone Prohibition.

java blogMarc — Websphere 5.1, Ant and IntelliJ.

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