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javaSolving Real-World Problems with JavaJewel and Custom JSP Tags.

javaBetter Control of Dynamic Content. Render pages with views as units instead of fields.

java blogDaniel — The Importance of Individuals.

javaOne-on-one: Jonathan Schwartz.

javaToward a Global "Internet of Things". RFID.

java blogMatt — GPL'd NDIS Wrapper (Broadcom 802.11g in Linux).

zaurusSharp "Enterprise" Zaurus boldly goes… anywhere. Zaurus SL-6000 will ship Q1, 2004.

blogHypertext Invented in 1934. Paul Otlet "the forgotten father of hypertext."

java blogRusty — I've posted XOM 1.0d22, my tree-based streaming API for processing XML with Java.

blogDave — The iTrip Generally sucks.

blogDavid — SCO sues blojsom.

java blogGlen — Loving Remote Debugging.

java blogJason — Programming Java for Bluetooth, fact or fiction?

blogMatt — Fedora Core 1 has killed my Red Hat 9 box.

java blogHani — ASF vs JBoss bitchfight.

blogSean — Rich Web Apps Beyond the Browser: Macromedia Central.

java blogTed — Wanna test yourself?

javaJPluck 2.0.3, a Plucker document creation toolkit.

netInterview with LimeWire COO Greg Bildson.

technologyCourt to FBI: No spying on in-car computers.

linuxLinux users raise SCO terror alert from orange to red. There's No Free Lunch — or Free Linux."


linuxTarantella backs SuSE and Red Hat . Used to be called SCO, remember?

developmentMacromedia, AOL bring IM capabilities to Central. Developer version of Macromedia Central now available.

mobileFCC stands tough on cell telemarketing. The FCC is not backing down from its longstanding ban of telemarketing to cellphones.

blogChris — A Better Octet String To Septet String?

newsWired Interview with Bill Joy: Hope is a Lousy Defense.

technologyMySQL names marketing chief. Zack Urlocker.

javaOnline Survey Ponders Java App Reliability. Wily Technology published a survey which looked at performance and availability in J2EE.

javaJava image FAQ. Frequently asked questions on the topic of Java and images from the Java newsgroups.

java blogMatt — Wanted: View Source with syntax highlighting.

java blogAnders — Java and Bluetooth development.


pythonAnonymous weblog publishing. invisiblog.com.

moblogMartin — eBooks On The P900.

pdaAirscanner: sniff Wi-Fi on your PocketPC.

blogLuke — SharpReader

java blogLee — Early access to JDK 1.5.

java blogWendong — J2ME Open Source Projects (III) - JXME.

blogBen — Michael Kamen RIP.

blogJeremy — CVS Commit + Weblog = Changeblog.

java blogCarlos — Java Jobs Finally Breaks 1000 Level at Monster!

moblogNiel — Jack Bauer Has A Sanyo 8100 (Blue).

blogNorman — virtual desktops and expose.

blogKevin — Can Your Employer Take Code You Create In Your Spare Time?

blogRobert — Rich Man's Toys.

blogAndre — LOAF is a really dumb joke, can you please move on?

javaJamVM 1.1.0. a Java Virtual Machine conforming to the JVM specification edition 2 (blue book).

javaJava Email Server 1.3.2, an SMTP/POP3 email server.

windowsA Real PC for $299. 1-GHz Intel Celeron processor, 128MB of RAM, a 20GB hard drive, a CD-ROM drive, and even a Lexmark Z705 color printer.

pcSony's Stunning All-In-One. Sony VAIO PCV-V100G.

pcThe $40,000 Supercomputer. ClearSpeed Technology has designed a coprocessor that's capable of pushing standard Intel- and AMD-based PCs to supercomputing speeds.

technologyUS loses 500k+ tech jobs in 2002. Where did they all go?

macApple preps second Panther OS update. Latest 10.3.2 build shipped to testers.