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meI've compiled a list of invalid RSS feeds. I usually try to notify the blog owners directly, but lately there has been too many to handle. So… If your feed is on the list, fix it!

javaJFTP2 2.1, a graphical FTP client.

netThe economics of spam. Only 50 replies in a million will do.

moblogMartin — P800 Software Upgrade: No Go and New SliMP3.

java blogAlan — There are more people into Foot Fetish than there is in freeing Java.

blogKen — time to LOAF.

netGoDaddy sorry for anonymity snafu. Webcaster Alliance website back on the air.

pcSun and AOL form StarOffice pact for cheap desktops. Sneak Peek PCs dip below $300.

netBetter Than Bit Torrent, For Internet2 Users? It's called Logistical Networking and is being developed at the University of Tennessee.

java blogRuss — Sick (again).

javaJFreeChart 0.9.14, a free Java class library for generating charts.

blogMark — Nord or Korg…

netAT&T patents anti-antispam technology. Citing an "arms race" in the ongoing spam wars, AT&T defended its patenting of a technology to thwart antispam filters.

netReport: Net attacks increasing.

blogDave — Is it just me or what….

javaJLine 0.8.1, a Java console input library.

java blogMohd — Using Apache Commons HttpClient.

linuxWhy SCO will soon be going after BSD. SCO is going to attack the 1994 AT&T/BSD settlement.


technologyThe Contra Costa Times: Sun's StarOffice Still Can't Rival Microsoft.

linuxSCO admits: Linux jihad is destroying our business. Death or inglory.

java blogDaniel — Geronimo.

javaMAJIX 1.2.1, a MS Word to XML converter.

javaJBoss, Apache sign first open source J2EE licenses. J2EE 1.4 will be available next week.

technologyMicrosoft Releases Office XML Schemas. WordprocessingML.

blogDiego — back to windows (for now) and back to windows (for now) part deux.

pdaReview: Fujitsu Siemens Pocket LOOX 610 BT/WLAN.

mobile javaapps for phones, an IDE for Java phones.

blogAnthony — System-wide Library Sharing.

java blogKevin — Eclipse to get GUI builder - try it now under 2.1 :(

java blogMatt — Yet Another Web Application Framework: Shocks.

java blogMark — Re: Gossip 0.6 released.

blogMatthew — Swiss companies go Open Source.

blogTom — And you thought your job was a nightmare.

moblogKevin — The Triumph of Good Enough.

macApple unveils 20-inch iMac and dual-processor 1.8GHz Power Mac G5.

netNetcraft: Fastest growing Hosting Companies over last year.

linuxSCO is prepared to stump Novell's SuSE deal. SCO is charging that Novell's purchase of SuSE would put it in violation of a non-compete agreement.


meErik's Pulse has been published.

javaStinger, a HTTP Request Validation Engine.

java blogMatt — Eclipse Visual Editor Project and theKompany GPLs Rekall.

pcMicrosoft Announces New Version of the Tablet PC OS.

java blogHenri — Scraping RSS.

blogDavid — Extreme Programming Snoop Style.

java blogHani — WebWork 1.4 Released!

java blogHoward — ApacheCon: XMLBeans.

java blogWendong — J2ME Open Source Projects (II) - JORAM.

adultParis Hilton issues statement on sex tape to AP. Sue me, sue you.

blogBen — Are you a LOAFer?

blogRajesh — 8 Tech Problems.

blogJeremy — MaxDB (from MySQL & SAP) is Available.

blogKasia — Neat little tool.

java blogCedric — Partial classes.

blogGlen — Anti-Bile.

macBluetooth 1.4.1 for Mac OS X. Via your Mac OS X Software Update.

javajXmas 1.01, a web-based gift list manager.

pdaPalmSource answers pager maker's page. A new licensee, pager maker PerComm, and a developer program with Sprint as a charter member.

pcBuffalo's Network USB Print Server. The inexpensive Network USB Print Server should be out this January.

musicMusic labels monitor P2P nets to list most popular songs. Chart attack.