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javaJNDI overview: Part 2: An introduction to directory services, Part 3: Advanced JNDI and Part 4: the Doc-u-Matic, a JNDI application.

macApple Darwin 7.0.1. ISO Images Available.

python blogMatt — isbn.py.

moblogRuss — Celebrity Sighting: Jonathan Schwartz at IKEA and More Mobile Media Thoughts: Mobile XM Radio.

moblogAnil — palmOne MIDP 2.0 Beta.

moblogSteve — 'Snoopers' charter' becomes law.

blogJack — Wal-Mart to launch online music service.

pdaA Rollable Keyboard for your PDA. A UK-based company, Proporta, has released a roll up flexible and waterproof keyboard for your PDA.

java blogRusty — Frederic Lavigne posted version 1.2.6 of his Skin Look And Feel for Java.

blogRoman — LOAF vs NaDa: Hype vs Stability.

moblogMichael — IBM Using McDonald's WiFi and Itty-Bitty Keyboard.

blogEd — Crappy project homepages.

blogTed — Hackathon day two.

java blogHani — ThoughtWorks: The new BodySnatchers.

java blogErik — J2MU.

java blogSimon — LOAF and Jython taglib.

mobile javaEclipseME 0.0.3, an Eclipse plugin to facilitate development of J2ME applications.

java blogDaniel — At ApacheCon.

blogDavid — The coolest WYSIWYG editor replacement for any textarea field.

java blogJames — OpenEjb rocks.

blogJeremy — Macromedia details Flex(Royale) and MXML.

newsSchwarzenegger Takes Office in California. Arnold Schwarzenegger was sworn in as the 38th governor of California.


moblogMatt — Nokia Series 90 MIDP SDK Now For (Red Hat) Linux and Google Ads Invade textamerica.

java blogAlan — Is there anyone doing any development with JavaCards?

javaJRobin 1.2.0, a 100% pure java implementation of RRDTools functionality.

pcTablet PC Turns One. A year later, Microsoft is still waiting for the devices to catch on.

blogGilles — Should I use LOAF ?

macApple G5 pushes ahead of Intel, AMD in supercomp list. And Alpha ahead of all four of 'em.

java blogDebashish — Towards harmony with Hibernate.

blogCharles — Switching… Both Ways.

blogSimon — Web Page Analyzer.

musicKazaa CEO goes on the defensive. Kazaa CEO Nikki Hemming has ducked most media, until now.

moblogJim — Looking for a phone.

blogLeslie — Quick Links.

linuxPostgreSQL Version 7.4 Released.

javaJTwain, image Acquisition from Digital Cameras and Scanners with Java.

blogMichael — Abandonware: Dead Software.

javaDataSet 1.0 RC3 library, a two dimension data structure like a table in database.

technologyGarage door DMCA case dismissed. Remote Uncontrol.

java blogAnders — Free and OpenSource JDO implementations.

javaEasyLayout 1.1, Layout manager for Java.


meHappy Birthday to me. I turn 100100 today.

javaWrite a Primary Key Class in CMP EJB. The PurchaseOrderKey class implements a composite key for the PurchaseOrderEJB entity bean.

blogCarlos — 10 Criteria for Evaluating Open Source Libraries.

blogJim — LOAFing around.

blogFrançois — Eclipse for PHP, eclipse for everyone!

blogMatt — Linuxant Offers WLAN Drivers for $19.95!

java blogAdam — Packaging Taglibs.

blogHenri — Quote from Jakarta Commons list.

blogBrett — Sun abandons version numbers in favour of rebranding.

java blogRusty — IzPack 3.3.0, an open source tool for building cross-platform installers in Java.

java blogDanno — The many lives of javax.swing.Action.

java blogDavid — IntelliJ Aurora build 977 is available.

blogJames — T-Shirt Hurling Contest.

blogJames — LOAF in Groovy.

java blogAlberto — Magnolia CMS v1.0 disponible.

blogPatrick — A LOAF implementation for Rebol !

blogMike — Happy Birthday to me! I forgot… We share the same birth day.

blogMathias — The coolest DHTML calendar widget.

java blogDerek — Inline::Java and Bruce Eckel's California Fires Experience.

java blogNick — My First Impression of Eclipse.

blogMark — Fedora Core 1 Repository Moved and Forgive me my LOAF.

java blogGerald — GNU Compiler for Java (gcj) Showcase Gallery Now Live.

java blogWendong — J2ME Open Source Projects (I) - Enhydra.

java blogDon — JSTL, EL, and DBXML.

java blogSteve — why operators don't like j2me for brew.

java blogKen — Macros Redux: JSE moves to SourceForge.

blogAlan — Unit Tests in Ancient C++.

blogNorman — XDoclet in Action interview on codegeneration.net.

java blogDanny — java.text.SimpleDateFormat vs. W3CDTF.

blogChristoph — Google Codejam 2003 winner Yarin.

blogDan — Panther is a Poor Upgrade.

javaMacromedia courts Java crowd. A date set for a new set of Flash tools designed to let Java developers use a standard, text-based approach, rather than Macromedia's traditional design-focused tools.

javaSun pushes cheaper Java cards. Sun plans to encourage broader use of its Java Card technology by offering consumers a lower-priced variant.

mobileReview: The First CDMA Smartphone. Verizon Wireless brings CDMA capability to the Samsung SCH-i600 Smartphone.

netTop Ten Internet Fads. A fad, for purposes of this article, is an idea or technology which is briefly popular, but can't outlast its own novelty value.

musicNYT: Pearl Jam, on Its Own, Seizes the Moment and Sells CD on the Web.

javaJBoss Indemnifies Its Customers. Following the lead of HP…