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javaRaad SFTP, a secure FTP applet. 

netGoogle Ad Rage. Google is fending off complaints from angry customers who say recent changes to the company's advertising program are costing them sales.

javaBEA's Tod Nielsen on the Future of J2EE. BEA Executive VP Tod Nielsen.

java blogCarlos — Obfuscated LOAF and Open Source LOAF Written in Java.

blogBernard — LOAF Interceptors.

blogKevin — Microsoft LOAF includes DRM.

java blogRusty — The Apache Project has released Cocoon 2.1.3.

blogBlaine — Added LOAF support to my site.

blogDavid — blojsom pinches a LOAF.

java blogJoe — "The future of J2EE," indeed.

java blogGregg — Where is Visual Studio for Java?

java blogSimon — Reasons to use Eclipse and SWT?

java blogJesus — Lomboz, Eclipse, and Tomcat…

java blogBrian — Apache OJB Unit of Work Tutorial.

blogSebastiano — A LOAF implementation for PL/SQL.

javaJavaServer Faces, redux. An update on JSF's features and functions.

javaCreate client-side user interfaces in HTML, Part 2. The HTMLPane sources.

moblogRuss — Wheels Turning: Mobile TiVo.

java blogPankaj — RMI over SSH.

blogRobert — I guess Diego missed the fact that we had an RSS news aggregator built into Longhorn already

musiciPodRocks.com from Apple.

netCNET acquires Mp3.com, plans new music service. Rumor confirmed.

newsParis Hilton's toys. "biggest flat screen you can get".

netGo Daddy's Parsons Sees Lower Hosting Prices Ahead. $3.95.


blogBertrand — LOAFy Whitespace.

blogSebastiano — LOAF: what's that?

blogChris — Low Level Loaf.

netUS web 'pirates' could face jail. Internet users who distribute movies and music ahead of release dates could face prison, a US bill proposes.

java blogChris — Thick As A Brick.

macMacFixIt Jaguar Troubleshooting Report released. MacFixIt has announced that it has released the first of four exclusive Special Reports.

blogDiego — the web is not the browser.

humorBallmer's iPod spoof revisited. "I love this company."

java blogDaniel — A theme show: JSPs.

java blogRusty — I've updated the Java Conferences page.


java2RC Java IRC Framework. 2RC is a Java framework that you can use to develop your own IRC clients.

javaPygmy Http 0.1, a very small HTTP 1.1 compliant web server that supports http and https.

javaXJR - XML to Java via Reflection.

blogMatt — White Box Enterprise Linux and LOAF Wiki Launched!

moblogRuss — MobiTV: Ooh yeah.

java blogKevin — Mondrian open source Java OLAP server 1.0.

blogDanno — Browser Enabled LOAF.

java blogGregg — My Approach to Menu's in SWING.

java blogLasse  — Why is com.mockobjects.sql so *"#%? difficult?

java blogDebashish — JavaRanch Journal ~ November Issue.

java blogMike — Wondering why your WAR is slow? Think of your timezone!

moblogFred — XLetView.

blogTed — So what about Longhorn?

java blogThomas — Sun Certification exam 1.5.

blogAndreas — CVSreport.

java blogRajesh — J2EE's Future.

blogHaiko — Quick Links, November 13.

java blogPaul — System.getenv() returns in JDK1.5.

blogSylvain — LOAF implemented in XSL!

blogCharles — Approaching Menus in Cocoa.

musicCNET acquires MP3.com assets. Unconfirmed report.