1983: The Day After

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java blogDaniel — Securing the Wire.

moblogRuss — Back in the Land of the Living, Mobile Quick Thoughts: AT&T, Symbian and Palm and AT&T Wireless RealOne for mMode Review.

moblogJim — London Pub Meet - Friday 28th November.

java blogRusty — QuickTime for Java Update 2.0 for Mac OS X 10.2.x, Jakarta Commons DbUtils and JSch 0.1.9.

java blogGilles — Best enterprise development tools and resources.

blogNorman — Why do free weblogs exist?

blogSteven — WebDesktop 2.1.

windowsWinMerge beta, an Open Source visual text file differencing and merging tool for Win32 platforms.

javaInterview with Sun Java Desktop Group.

musicSBC challenges RIAA over subpoenas. Courtroom face off.

javaJPacker, an Automatic Java Packing Solution.

netAT&T sues PayPal, eBay. Phone giant says firms payment systems violates patent.


musicKazaa Launches Legitimacy Campaign. A $1 million advertising campaign.

java blogCarlos — The Exception Debate: Why Gosling and Hejlsberg are Both In Error.

blogJim — SmallUrls.

python blogMatt — Python At LinuxWorld.

blogPaul — Why does Open Source software exist?

blogLeslie — Quick Links.

blogChris — Peek-a-boo logic in MySQL.

blogRui — VNC.

javaJSynoptic 0.4, a graphical sheet editor.

netSpamCop Getting Bought? Apparently, SpamCop is in the process of being bought by IronPort…

wirelessSanDisk delays Wi-Fi SD card Palm support to Q1 '04. Technical and non-technical reasons.

java blogNorman — "Hello, J2EE" in 2 minutes for OS X.

musicAnother Music Label That Gets It. Giving away free MP3s.


javaJagzilla, a Java-based set of components built around Bugzilla.

java blogWilliam — Re: Readable Java 1.5.

javaTwo Servlet Filters Every Web Application Should Have. Compression and Cache filters.

javaBest Practices for Exception Handling. One of the problems with exception handling is knowing when and how to use it.

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pdaReview: Pocket Tunes 2.1.

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blogJeremy — PostgreSQL 7.4 Release Thoughts.

blogNelson — The Matrix: Revisited.

javasjg 1.0, a framework for small Java games.

javaSwingWT 0.72, a implementation of the Java Swing API which drives SWT applications.

java blogJeremy — megg(site|thinlets|webwork2) updates.

javaCanoo to port ULC Visual Editor to new Eclipse framework.

java blogJoe — I think people miss the point about EJBs.