Google TagLib Part Deux

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moviesCarlos — Temporal Anomalies In Movies Explained.

blogRuss — Webcamming.

java blogAndreas — jUnit to the Rescue.

blogMatt — I'm outta here. Nice tip.

java blogHani — Goodbye freeroller.

blogKevin — Microsoft Monopoly Represents National Security Risk.

netPayPal launches in the UK. Local delivery companies and a seller protection service included.

blogKeith — Joel Spolsky on Unicode and Character Sets.

java blogTed — Eclipse 3.0M4 is out.


javaTech Talk with John Crupi. The author of Core J2EE Patterns discusses the new patterns in his book and how he and his team re-architected eBay 3.0.

blogDiego — forget the typewriter, fire up those modems.

java blogDaniel — Competition Announced.

moblogNoah — The HotSpot Haven - A New Wi-Fi Directory!!

wirelessGuy — Wireless Widgets - a whole exhibition, in Las Vegas Oct 22.

java blogGuillermo — Worker blogs raising concerns?

java blogDebashish — Baby steps onto J2ME.

java blogAlan — Tips for Java Guerrilla Warfare #4.

blogSimon — Firebird URL shortcut tips.

developmentXrefactory 1.6.4, a refactoring browser for Emacs, XEmacs, and jEdit.

wirelessReport: Bluetooth has security gaps.

pcFirst 14.1-inch Tablet PC. Acer's C300 convertible-style Tablet PC.


meI've just released version 1.0 of the Google Tag Library. Thanks to Matt, Russ, Jim and Diego for the assistance. If you have any questions, please join the mailing list.


javaIBM Toolkit for MPEG-4, a set of Java classes and APIs with five sample applications.

blogMatt — To San Francisco.

blogMichael — From the Dumb Fucks Dept.

blogLeslie — Quick links.

blogBill — Oh, we can hope, can't we?

blogReadRadix — Brief hands-on review of the Sony PSX.

java blogKevin — JAXRPC RI Headers and mustUnderstand.

mobileT-Mobile delays the Treo 600. November 24th.

musicNo Napster 2.0 for the iPod. WMA, not MP3.

netGoogle bug blocks thousands of sites. Choking on spam, noise – Bots are 'ready to give up'.

netWhy '' isn't what it appears to be. The Reg fell for it.

technologyThe Most Dangerous Windows And Linux Security Threats. Fourth annual list.