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meErik's Pulse has been published.

java blogCarlos — Open Source Portal Servers Written in Java.

blogRuss — Leaving on a Jet Plane. The boy wonder comes back to town. ;-) 

pdaToshiba Announces 3 New PDAs. The Genio 550 DT, Genio 550 CT and Genio 550 GT.

java blogGlen — Forget PHP, JSTL is *so* productive.

java blogMatt — Precompile your JSPs for Tomcat 4.x.

blogBrent — Mac OS X Innovators Special Presentation.

blogChristoph — Dell Inspiron 8600 hacks.

booksReview: Amazon Hacks: 100 Industrial-Strength Tips and Tools .

mobile javaPDA images with J2ME. How to download and display images.

javaAdvanced DAO Programming. Learn techniques for building better DAOs.

javaJAR Files Revealed. Explore the power of the JAR file format.


windowsApple to Launch iTunes for Windows. Next Thursday.

mobileSiemens Handset Sales Skyrocket. Up 44%.

java blogWill — The Future of Native Interfaces.

java blogJayson — Blarg #1: Are JSP Still Relevant?

musicSamsung's Napster MP3 player. YP-910GS.

wirelessWe discover that you can't use a wireless mouse on an airplane. BS with a capital B.

netUS nabs teen hacker in securities fraud scheme. A 19-year-old who allegedly took control of an investor's brokerage account using a Trojan.

wirelessParents Sue School Over Wireless Network. Worried that exposure to the network's radio waves could harm their children.

windowsOpera for Windows 7.21 Release Candidate 4 (w/out Java) Released.

musicNew iPod Commercial Airs On TV. I've seen it a few times already.


javaJDBC and XML usage report. What JDBC 3.0 features matter?

netGoolge Bolsters Ad Tools. Added three new features to AdWords.

mobileNokia announces Series 60 based 3660, 3620. No surprise here.

pdaSamsung Delays Release of SGH-i500 Palm-Based PDA Phone in US. But why?

java blogSam — My Article on

java blogLaszlo — First release of jFreeSafe.

blogMatthew — for Cheap SSL Certificates - Opinions? Any Recommended SSL Providers?

blogDan — Why I hate C, reason #4,348.

javaJRefactory 2.8.9, a refactoring/pretty printer tool.

javavCard4J 1.1.1, a toolkit to manipulate vCards (RFC 2426) in Java.

javaJFtp 1.38, a Java-based FTP client.

newsIntuit Apologizes For TurboTax Debacle. Bad activation scheme.

musicEMusic buyer to kill off unlimited download offer. "EMusic will remain the only service providing customers the flexibility and portability that comes with the open MP3 format."

blogKevin — Suing your customers is bad.

musicNapster launches, minus the revolution. So yesterday.


meI'm planning on releasing the first public version of the Google Tag Library later on today.

java blogWill — Mac OS X JNI Revisited.

moblogRuss — Mobile Innovation.

macApple should have used Intel chips, Sculley says.

blogMatt — ZeroConf Under Linux.

blogRuss — OS as a Subscription Service.

blogLeslie — Quick links.

java blogTed — I'm jealous...

windowsOpera for Windows without Java 7.21 Release Candidate 3 Released.

wirelessOrange, Smart launch Bluetooth car. I believe the new SAAB has BT built-in.

newsBill Gates answers cop's child porn plea. Helping cops do their jobs.

moblogFrank — WIRELESS magazine.

booksReview: Stan Lee and the Rise and Fall of the American Comic Book. Putting Stan Lee in his place.

blogDiego — feedster search plugin for Mozilla Firebird.

macSmart launches for Apple iTunes. A new Web site has launched which focuses on Apple's iTunes Smart Playlists...