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blogAndres — Revolution OS.

java blogSimon — Reference guide for Caucho Resin and So Wiley bought 36 Wrox titles?.

java blogDion — AOL: Are you being billed every month without knowing?

blogMatt — IBM Trading Halted.

blogScott — Pssst ... Want an Email Alias ?

java blogBryan — Review of the Gateway Java Symposium.

developmentDr. Dobb's Python-URL!

pcHP Retains Notebook Lead. Hewlett-Packard Co. retained its lead in the overall notebook market.

blogArjun— uninstall TurboTax if ur done with your taxes!


blogDiego — what does it take to destroy something good?

mobileRIM's first color BlackBerry, the 7230.

java blogJonathan — My Top Ten Wireless Destinations at JavaOne 2003.

javaQA with Bill Day. Web and Game Development Languages.

mobile javaEasy J2ME Development: The Complexity of Developing Mobile Networked Data Services, J2ME Wireless Connection Wizard For Sun ONE Studio.

mobile javaUnderstanding JSR 185: Java Technology for the Wireless Industry.

java blogMatt — Tomcat/Oracle Connectivity Problems.

java blogFred — SymbianOS Series 60 gets Jazzelle!

java blogDominic — The JDO Learning Tools.

java blogAndres — scwcd...passed!

java blogSam — IntelliJ IDEA on MacOSX.

java blogKevin — Java Unit Testing Tips.

java blogJohn — Quick Graphics In Java.

blogSteve — F*#K! Those Bastards!

netApple, Amazon working on music service deal, according to the New York Post.

multimediaArchos personal video player. The AV300 comes in 20GB and 40GB varieties.

mobileCameraphones do's and don'ts. Some do's and do not do's on using cameraphones in public.

mobilePicture passwords for cameraphones. The phone uses face recognition technology.

netSearch Engine Disclosure Ratings: May 2003.

pdaFossil puts back Palm Wrist PDA launch to 2004. MS SPOT-based alternative still on time?


macApple drops 12, 15-inch PowerBook prices up to $300. Apple's price cuts have been designed to feed the momentum of PowerBook sales.

mobileIntel fixes Centrino glitch. Incompatibilities with Nortel Networks' VPN software fixed.

java blogFred — Number of Classes Matter in J2Me.

java blogSimon — Java NIO (O'Reilly).

blogScott — Drupal 4.2 is Coming.

javaIPK Export Plugin for Eclipse 0.0.1. IPK is the archive format used on the Zaurus.

netE-mail virus uses Bill Gates. A virus masquerading as an e-mail from Bill Gates is spreading rapidly, computer experts warn.

pcIntel's 3.2GHz Pentium 4 to ship 23 June, or maybe 16 June.


blogRuss — Spanish Tech Market in Business Week.

blogBernard — Views and Forms.

tvAlly McBeal Creator to Produce 24. David E. Kelly.

javaNumericalChameleon 1.5.0 is live on the web!

moblogThomas — Matt Peterson, gourou du Wi-Fi.

java blogBernard— Subclipse - The Eclipse plugin for Subversion.

java blogScott — Java Codebase Management Strategy Guidelines.

java blogJon — Excited.

java blogOliver — Second Generation IDEs.

java blogCarlos — JINI Service Container Service.

musicGrowing pains fading for satellite radio. Satellite radio comes from space bearing gifts...

mobile2,400 Employees Laid Off By Text Message. U R FIRED.

netMake way for the contender to Google's crown. Turbo 10.

mobileNokia N-Gage games phone now available in UK.


blogCam — Six Degrees of Weblogs.

blogRogers — Some webloggers have class.

blogFrank — inAudible.com revisited.

java blogAndrej — Yet another update of the volano report.

javaJakarta Commons HttpClient 2.0 beta 1.

blogRuss — Urgh! Steve, we all want a Mac Tablet!

pdaPocket Blogger. Pocket Blog extends your weblog to any Pocket PC device.

java blogDavid — blojsom 1.9 available.

java blogWerner — JBoss 4.0 Developer Release 1 has just been released.

java blogDominic — Java Search Engine.

blogArjun — Why FireBird rocks!

java blogPadraic — s / vi / eclipse /.

blogJohn — TiVo On A Roll.

java blogKasia — Java exception handling.

blogHaiko — The Future of IE, Mozilla: Other Voices.

java blogAaron — ResourceBundles.

pdaThree weeks until Pocket PC 2003.

On June 2, 1897 — Mark Twain, at age 61, was quoted by the New York Journal as saying “the report of my death was an exaggeration.” He was responding to the rumors that he had died.