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java blogBrian — Naked Objects.

java blogDiego — more bluetooth and java.

blogJim — What a Waste.

blogFrank — Apple still #1 quality wise.

technologySeattle's Talking Signs. Seattle's Sound Transit is trying out a new gizmo; Talking Signs.

moblogDiego — 4G coming up.

moblogJim — PMG Seminar.

moblogPetri — Residential WiFi Business Plan.

moblogMichael— Any warnings before I buy a Nokia 3650.

java blogMatt — Hibernate PlugIn for Struts.

java blogMatt — Tapestry, Now Officially In Jakarta.

java blogLeslie — Quick links.

blogCameron — Funniest Thing Ever!

blogLance — Good tool for Debugging IE Dom...

blogMatt — Gates and Jobs Coverage.

blogSteve — An AppleScript rule to check Mail against blackhole lists.

blogMarc — Jon Udell is really smart.

java blogAaron— Tomcat: The Definitive Guide.

javaANTLR plugin for Eclipse 1.0.3.

blogRob — IE won't be free any more...who could have guessed?

pdaNew thumb keyboard for iPAQs. Coming soon from HP.

pdaFossil Palm OS Wrist Watch Available Now!

mobileReview: Nokia 5100.

meWe went to see The Italian Job yesterday which apparently made it to #3 at the box office.

On June 1, 1938 — Superman, the world's first super hero, appeared in the first issue of Action Comics.