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javaImprove Data Display With CSS for Java

javaSun Software CTO Challenges .NET Mag. Sun Software CTO John Fowler writes to .NET Magazine to weigh in on the .NET vs. Java debate.

blogDiego — grade school CMS lessons.

mobileSony Ericsson Announces T226. A color screen dual-band GSM/GPRS handset for America.

blogMatt — Struts Menu now support tabbed menus!

java blogDominic — XPathNavigator and JXPath.

blogKasia — How to core dump spamassassin.

java blogNiel — Charles's Corner: Java Technology Pointers.

javaJava+ Preprocessor 2.0, a Java pre-processor.

wirelessBluetooth hands-free system for cars. DriveBlue.


windowsMicrosoft Delivers BizTalk Server 2004 Beta.

moblogJim — IRC fun.

moblogMatthew — Fun times.

wirelessIOGEAR Bites Away At Bluetooth Confusion. A jargon-free guide.

blogPhilippe Just saw a Segway in the streets !.

java blogMatt — Java Server Faces Resources.

blogBill — IE lost it's PNG support?

blogMatt — Fire at Rackshack.

blogScott — $32,000 a second - for a year.

moblogBryce — SQWERL.

javaJZlib 1.0.2, zlib rewritten in Java.

newsLaunch of ‘do-not-call’ list rushed. Federal regulators are speeding up the launch of a national do-not-call list that will block many unwanted telemarketing calls.

multimediaReview: ATI Mobility Radon 9600.

musicRIAA Launches New Lawsuit Against Morpheus. For An Un Feature.

technologyMySQL AB Secures $19.5 Million Investment Round.


javaJetBrains Debuts New IntelliJ IDEA at JavaOne.

java blogJoe — Great link on Java's target audience.

java blogThomas — Are DynaBeans Not JavaBeans?

java blogCedric — Operator overloading and Processing text with emacs.

macBluetooth update adds support for Symbian OS phones. Bluetooth 1.2.1

macQuicktime 6.3 and iSync 1.1. New Releases.

moblogRuss — Quicktime + 3GPP is Here!!

blogMatt — Reclaim the Public Domain.

humorGoofing with Credit Cards. People don't seem to care what you sign on a receipt.

mobileAT&T Pledges $500M Upgrades, Wi-Fi Too. AT&T wants to provide business customers Wi-Fi access to their networks as part of wide-raging list of next generation improvements


moblogRuss — Mobitopia Group Chat. #mobitopia on irc.freenode.net. Be there or be square.

mobileA Writer's View of the Linux Wireless Dream, Part 1.

blogMatt — Tabbed Menus — now with DHTML!

java blogMike — JIRA 2.1 released!

macJonathan Ive Named Designer of the Year. The man behind the iMac and iPod. 

blogScott — Really Good Thoughts on Software Localization.

blogMarc — Keanu gives Matrix F/X guys millions each.

javaJava code review tools. Java code analyzers ease the pain.

javaJava Weather Library. jweather is a Java library for parsing raw weather data.

javaSun to Unveil J2SE 1.5 at JavaOne. The new version of the Java platform is designed to be easier to use, with new language features, including generics and metadata.

javaBorland’s Janeva Weds J2EE, .NET. Borland has introduced software that connects .NET front ends to CORBA and J2EE-based applications.

blogJoi — IRC meets Wiki.

java blogMatt — Java becoming a LanguageForSmartPeople, not a LanguageForTheMasses?

mobileMobile phone sales up in Q1 2003. Despite lowered expectations, mobile phone manufacturers saw an 18 percent increase in sales during the first quarter of 2003.

On June 3, 1800 — John Adams moved to Washington, DC. He was the first President to live in what later became the capital of the United States.