Twits du Jour (Jun 6)

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  • @RussB Router didn't see anything, no IPv6 interface. I'll have to play with it later. #
  • @RussB Didn't try direct, but my router should work with v6 as is. I did restart the modem. #
  • @RussB (Yeah, I realized that after I hit tweet. Sue me.) I suspect they are, but that test page your linked to said I didn't have it, yet. #
  • @RussB We buy keywords like that on Google, so that pricks from California don't come down here. ;-) #
  • @RussB No v6-love on Comcast for me. :/ #
  • @RussB Is that why you had to connect your lappy directly? Your router doesn't support v6? #
  • @RussB hey! When I try, it says: unknown host. So some of it works! ;) #
  • @RussB probably because I don't have IPv6 configured. #
  • @RussB # ping6 connect: Network is unreachable #
  • @RussB I've been stalking you for years. ;-) #
  • Another day, another breach... #