Déjà Vu Editor

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Déjà Vu Editor

I've been using EditPlus for quite a while now. It is simply not working out. I'm back to UltraEdit.

EditPlus is nice, but lacks too many features for me to use it efficiently.

One of my original problem with UltraEdit was the like of JSP support. I should have looked into it a little bit more. RTFM. I was able to quickly locate a supplemental JSP word list which does a pretty good job with syntax highlighting.

I wasn't able to find a JSP tag list, though. So I decided to write my own late last night and already made it available for download. It references all JSP directive, action and tag library tags as well as frequently used built-in objects. Give it a try, if you're interested, and let me how it works for you.

It only took me about an hour to configure UltraEdit to my liking. Thank God for user-configurable toolbars and shortcuts.

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