XP Blogging

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XP Blogging

This is my first blog entry posted from my new machine. Sweeeeeet!

I think I finally figured out one of the reasons why XP looks so clean. Makes me wonder if they were made on a Mac.;-)

The Testosterone Plan

I'm going to give it a try. I read an article about it in Men's Health magazine. I really like the weight training routines they showed. The diet is a variation of 40-30-30 plan which has worked very well for me in the past.

AOL's Instant Remote Hole

So easy to hack, no wonder it's number 1.

Car Trouble

We're down to one vehicle. My van broke down on Christmas Day while driving back from Vicki' sister.

There's really nothing like being stranded on the side of the road at 1am. The car had to be towed to Autoworks of North Bend, which was recommended by my wife' sister.

The engine died. The "oil was pretty much cooked", or so I was told. At least they've been able to find a newer rebuilt engine. It will cost quite a bit more than I was originally ready to spend, but does come with a lifetime warranty.

The new engine should arrive today, so I'm no entirely sure as to when I'll actually get the van back. Hopefully soon.

On January, 3 1888 The drinking straw was patented by Marvin C. Stone.