Recount this!

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We saw Proof of Life and both really liked it. I gave it 4 stars. It ranked number 3 at the Box Office.

Download a free PDF version of Ed Roman's Mastering Enterprise Java Beans and the Java 2 Platform, Enterprise Edition.

WAP doesn't work. It'll get to be a viable technology, eventually. But right now it is nothing more than a marketing buzzword.

Penthouse is offering a lifetime subscription for information leading to the arrest of any person involved in illegal vote tampering as part of a conspiracy to steal the Presidency for George W. Bush.

Woz will be the subject of A&E's Biography on December 13.

New domain suffixes and cybersquatting. What a mess, and it's just the beginning.

Sun vs. MS: Let's call the whole thing off. The Evil Empire spin-machine at work. What I really want to know is how many of Microsoft's own development teams are moving or scheduled to move to C#?

The FileMaker Mobile Companion for Palm OS is shipping.

Linux on the loose. The 2.4 kernel is set to be released later this month.

Det. John McClane and the Pretty Woman are rumored to be an item.

Getting a read on new E-Books. Too expensive for what they are, and the ability to create content was removed.