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July 26, 2007


Newsflash: Time May Not Exist

Most of us tend to think of time the way Newton did: "Absolute, true and mathematical time... flows equably, without regard to anything external." But as Einstein proved, time is part of the fabric of the universe... something that's independent of the universe. In fact, says Lloyd, clocks don't really measure time at all.

Time is a byproduct of society. To ensure that everyone behave like sheep, simply put everyone on the same time-table.


Safety Guru

I found it quite interesting that I was able to spot the fake stuff using completely different criteria as they did. Most of their results explanations were based on typos, I was just using plain logic. I didn't even look that close.

Can the power grid really hold up to widespread EV use?

Widespread adoption of plug-in cars always raises questions about the reliability of the electrical grid and an incident earlier this week in San Francisco does nothing to quell those concerns.

Even though I'm a fan of electric vehicles, like the Tesla, there is no doubt in my mind that if they were to ever become mainstream we'd swap dependencies from foreign oil to the power grid. In turn power companies would undoubtedly jack up the kw/h pricing, taking us right back to where we started.

There is one advantage to electricity, though. It is easy (albeit neither efficient nor cheap) to generate your own using solar panels or the such.


World's First Flying Car Enters Production

In a moment we've been waiting for since the first time we saw The Jetsons, the first flying car has finally gone on sale. Just like the car George uses to drop off the kids, the Moller M200G Volantor is shaped like a saucer. To avoid the need to pass FAA regulations, the civilian version of the Volantor is restricted to heights of 10 feet, but can travel as fast as 50mph and fly for up to 90minutes.

Moller has been at this for years, made a lot of announcements, yet never delivered.