Erik's Pulse: 2003-08-25

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Erik's Pulse: 2003-08-25
by Erik C. Thauvin
headshot Erik has his finger on the pulse of the Java community. This column is his take on what is hot, and what the community is buzzing about.
Erik's Top Ten (Lesser Known) Java Utilities
  • Antenna, an Ant-to-End Solution for Wireless Java.
  • Jalopy, a source code formatter, beautifier and pretty printer.
  • ProGuard, a Java class file shrinker and obfuscator.
  • JavaNCSS, a Source Measurement Suite for Java.
  • JarBuilder, a JAR file editor and creator.
  • Zaval JRC-Editor, a Java Resource Editor.
  • JCavaj, a Java-based source code decompiler.
  • JRename, a multiple files renamer.
  • ClassEditor, a Java class editor.
  • JOE, the Java Outline Editor.
Erik is director of technology at Imacination Software, where he has spent the better part of last year developing the jTalk E-Business Platform. He has close to 20 years of professional experience in software development.

Erik also maintains a popular Java blog and can be found lurking in #mobitopia

This story was published in the August 25, 2003 issue of the Java Developer's Journal Newsletter.