Erik's Pulse: 2007-04-24

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 The Pulse
Erik C. Thauvin maintains a blog, as well as one of the web's first and most popular linkblogs, which he updates daily with the latest Java and technology news.

Erik C. ThauvinPicks of the Week:

Tip of the Week:

Array Creation Shortcut

Tutorial of the Week:

An Application Framework Tailor-Made for JSF

Notable Software Releases:

Analyst4j V 1.5.0 Apache Forrest 0.8 Apache MyFaces Tomahawk 1.1.5
Aranea 1.0.8 Chemistry Development Kit 1.0 DataMovil 3.0 beta
DBsight 1.4.0 EclipseME 1.6.7 edtFTPj/PRO 1.5.0
ElegantJ Chart Designer IDE 2.0 ElegantJ Chart Library 2.0 ElegantJ Indicators & Gauges 1.1
FindBugs 1.2.0-rc5 JDataGrid Spreadsheet Edition 2.0 JHeadstart
jMock 2.1.0-RC1 JRuby 0.9.9 jscl-meditor 2.0_04
JSOS 5.30 k5njournal 0.2.5 LiquiBase 0.8
Objectweb JASMINe 1.0.0M1 POrqi 1.3 Qwicap 1.4b5
Ravenous 0.9.11 Rhinohide 0.1.13 Smokescreen 3.51
SPWrapper 0.6.0 StelsEngine 2.0 StreamCruncher 1.13 Release Candidate
TrackStudio Enterprise 3.5.15 Warrior Browser 0.96.2 WeiLiYu 0.9
Wicket 1.2.6 XMLUnit 1.1 Beta 1

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This story was published in the April 24, 2007 issue of the Javalobby Newsletter.