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5 Jul 2011 BMW vs. Concrete Walls
Wow. Just Wow!
5 Jul 2011 ThunderCats
We saw that promo right before Transformers 3 yesterday. Looks pretty good.
5 Jul 2011 Sony Tablet: Two will (Part 2)
Getting weirder and weirder...
5 Jul 2011 Russell Brand on HP TouchPad Features
Not very funny.
5 Jul 2011 White Collar Crime & Legal Loopholes
5 Jul 2011 Born This Heavy Way
Guitarist Ol Drake of British thrashers Evile has written and arranged a heavy version of the Lady Gaga's hit "Born This Way". The resulting track, which — a...
5 Jul 2011 Twits du Jour (July 4)
My nonchalant tweets for July 4, 2011
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