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6/27/18 Pinboard Poster 1.0.0
I've just released version 1.0.0 Pinboard Poster, a small Kotlin/Java library for posting to Pinboard. #kotlin #pinboard #github
1/3/18 pom2xml Plug-in for Kobalt Released!
The plug-in will generate a Project Object Model (POM) XML file for your Kobalt project.
11/8/17 Pinboard Poster 0.9.3
As it often happens, release a new version and almost immediately realize that it could have been easily improved on...
11/8/17 Pinboard Poster 0.9.2
I've just released a new version of the Pinboard Poster for Kotlin/Java...
5/30/17 Project Updates
I've just released couple updates...
5/18/17 Pinboard Poster for Kotlin/Java
I've just released Pinboard Poster, a small Kotlin/Java library for posting to Pinboard..
5/10/17 Semantic Version Annotation Processor 1.0
I've just released an annotation processor that automatically generates a class containing the semantic version...
4/25/17 Property File Plug-in for Kobalt
I've published a new plug-in for Cédric's Kobalt build system based on Kotlin. The PropertyFile plug-in provides an optional task for editing property files....
12/11/00 My Projects
Some of my development projects...