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1/15/12 Feel vs. Fill: Auto Correct Wins!
Pretty funny, even when it happens to me.
6/29/10 GoogSMS & SpellIt 0.2
I've just updated GoogSMS and SpellIt to allow for changing the installation location to the device's SD card under Android 2.2 (FroYo). I've also added a co...
6/16/09 Facebook is so smart...
Facebook's AI is so damn smart it has somehow figured out that I speak French. At least it is the only reasonable explanation as to why they keeps on sending...
11/4/08 GoogSMS 0.1 for Android
So what do I do on a long weekend, take a few steroids, and port my old J2ME applications to Android. I don't have a G1, so I have to tip my hat to the folks...
8/8/08 Google Send To SMS: RIP
I just noticed this morning that Google has retired their send to phone/sms service. You can still send SMS from Google Maps though.
10/16/07 Personal SMS Business Cards via TextMarks
Yesterday at Mobile 2.0, I realized a couple things when talking to people about Mowser. First, I really need to get a Publisher FAQ written and published, a...
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