Personal SMS Business Cards via TextMarks

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Yesterday at Mobile 2.0, I realized a couple things when talking to people about Mowser. First, I really need to get a Publisher FAQ written and published, as there's a bit of confusion of exactly what I'm doing, why, and how others can use the service. That's understandable, actually, as most of that info is spread through a half a dozen blog posts. The other thing I realized is that I need to have business cards… But wouldn't it be cool that instead of giving someone a business card, I could just send a message to their phone instead? Especially at a Next Gen mobile conference of all places, no?

Text ERIK to 41411… Very sleek… Thanks Russ!


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Oct 18, 2007

very nice!
Erik C. Thauvin

Feb 26, 2009

Since 3 and 4 letters keywords are now "pay" on TextMarks, the new keyword is ERIKT.