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14 Mar 2018 Today is Pi Day
The Key Facts Behind the Number That Captivated the World for Over 4,000 Years...
16 Feb 2018 Incredibles 2
14-years in the making...
8 Nov 2017 Pinboard Poster 0.9.3
As it often happens, release a new version and almost immediately realize that it could have been easily improved on...
8 Nov 2017 Pinboard Poster 0.9.2
I've just released a new version of the Pinboard Poster for Kotlin/Java...
19 Sep 2017 The Foreigner
The IRA took his family. The police looked the other way. Now he must get revenge.
18 May 2017 Pinboard Poster for Kotlin/Java
I've just released Pinboard Poster, a small Kotlin/Java library for posting to Pinboard..
30 Mar 2017 OnePlue One & LineageOS 14: Pixel Launcher Installation
How I installed the Pixel Launcher on my OnePlus One running LineageOS 14...
5 Feb 2017 Pirates of the Caribbean: Salazar's Revenge
Superbowl Spot
11 Dec 2000 My Projects
Some of my development projects...