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15 Feb 2016 Trauma Center
The beauty of big trauma centers is that you get the best people in town working on you. The drawback is that emergencies take priority. As such, my surgery...
15 Feb 2016 Room with a View...
I got to walk around my floor at the Harborview Medical Center... Even took a few pictures... Last we heard, surgery is tomorrow. Not confirmed, yet.
13 Feb 2016 I have a tube up my nose!
So I was admitted to the Harborview Medical Center after a trip to the ER last night. They found a 5cm mass at the top of my colon, that needs to be surgical...
8 Jul 2013 Cardiosport Rocks!
I bought my Cardiosport GT3 Heart Rate Monitor Watch back in 2008...
13 Jun 2013 Oh, the places I've gone.
Foursquare crunched the numbers on all my check-ins (ever!).
13 Jul 2012 Hailing
Just for a few minutes, pea-size...
13 May 2012 Moving to GitHub
I just moved all of my CVS & Subversion repositories over to GitHub.
7 Feb 2012 Acrophobia at the Movies
I'm definitely afraid of heights.
2 May 2002 Bio
My bio...
14 Dec 2000 Erik's PGP Key
My PGP Key
1 Dec 2000 FAQ
Welcome to my " I " page!