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10/24/11 Micheline Loiseau (1913-2011)
Ma grand-mère vient juste de mourir paisiblement dans son sommeil. Elle avait 98 ans. My grandmother just died peacefully in her sleep. She was 98 years old.
12/23/10 10 Years of Blogging
I missed it but December 1 was the 10th anniversary of this blog. Still running the same code I wrote 10 years ago.
12/16/10 Banana Bread, Take 2
Experiencing with another Banana Bread recipe... Better tasting than my first try, moister too. Thanks to Jonathan for pointing me to the recipe. I used more...
12/14/10 Erik's Shared Items Have Moved!
In an effort to consolidate my Google accounts, and since Google has yet to provide a way to merge accounts, I have moved my Google Reader Shared Items to he...
12/7/10 My First Wikipedia Page!
I just published my first wikipedia page... Don't get me started on how arcane the whole process is, but I finally got through it.
11/18/10 Another Cool Birthday Gift...
Thanks, Carl.
5/27/10 Sears Bad Garage Door Opener Uninstall
After two weeks of dealing with Sears, they finally sent someone to take our poorly installed garage door opener out...
11/23/08 Gold Class Cinemas: Premium Cinema Experience
For my birthday I was given a gift certificate to the Village Roadshow Gold Class Cinemas in Redmond Town Center. Yesterday, we went and saw Quantum of Solac...
5/2/02 Bio
My bio...
12/14/00 Erik's PGP Key
My PGP Key
12/1/00 FAQ
Welcome to my " I " page!