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7/19/07 The Open Source Web Design Toolbox
100 Tools, Resource and Templates Sources.
2/7/07 Code Snippets
DZone has acquired Code Snippets, a public source code repository:
1/25/07 DZone Jobs
Rick and the gang just launched DZone Jobs. Here's a snippet of the announcement: Recently I read that almost 60% of IT workers are looking for new jobs, and...
6/19/06 dzone: Doing what's best for you
Rick just blogged about the user-centric philosophy behind dzone: We've had one of those "moment of truth" experiences this past weekend, coming to understan...
6/9/06 dzone
Been there yet?
4/6/06 Why RoR won't Become Mainstream
Cédric has a great post on Why Ruby on Rails won't Become Mainstream. No bashing, just some very compelling reasons. Bravo!
2/1/06 Quick HTTP POST request
Have you ever wanted to quickly send a POST request to a HTTP server? It's pretty easy to do using curl. For example to send XML via a POST request, you coul...
12/11/00 My Projects
Some of my development projects...