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8 Jan 2018 Black Panther
Rise TV Spot
24 Dec 2017 Black Lightning
Power Struggle Trailer
16 Oct 2017 Black Panther
Official Trailer
9 Jun 2017 Black Panther
Teaser Trailer
5 Apr 2016 Captain America Civil War
Cap vs. Panther
27 Nov 2015 Honest Black Friday Ad
If People Who Sell Stuff Were Honest About Black Friday...
23 Apr 2012 The Death of RIM
For a time, RIM's BlackBery was the hottest item for technophiles everywhere...
31 Mar 2012 Loan / Emprunt 1.0.1
I've released my first Android-ported app to the BlackBerry App World.
11 Dec 2000 My Projects
Some of my development projects...