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I just bought a NeatReceipts scanner. I spend most of the weekend scanning 3 months worth of receipts.

Overall it's not a bad product. The scanner is pretty good and seems to be doing a decent job at parsing the vital info (date, amount, payment type) from most legible receipts. It's even smart enough to learn about new retail stores, etc.

The software is really the weak link. It does an okay job at storing the receipts info, but the interface is really dense. The search feature is pretty much useless. You can't even search the notes field, etc.

The Pro version of the software looks a lot better, at least from the screenshots on the website, but I just found out that they won't have an upgrade path from Classic for a few months.


They just sent me the pro version. Wow… What a difference…

I'll just have to wait until they have a converter to be able to import the receipts I have scanned so far.