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GooglME 0.4.1

I've just released GooglME 0.4.1.

This version fixes a problem with sending SMS on a Sony Ericsson T616.

Thanks to John for reporting the problem, Russ for helping with the testing on his phone.

To download it simply point your phone to:

PowerBook Setup

I just finished setting up Vik's new PowerBook G4. I wasn't able to use the automagic transfer/upgrade feature as her old Mac doesn't have FireWire.

It really took very little effort to re-install her applications and move all documents/preferences over.

The wireless keyboard and mouse setup was pretty straight forward too, although I'm pretty disappointed with the keyboard's on/off switch. Why in the hell did they decide to place it underneath? Having to lift the keyboard to turn it on/off is ridiculous.

We're still waiting for an iCurve and iSkin. They should arrive tomorrow.


They arrived a few minutes ago. All setup now. Very nice.


I've decided to also replace the CPU fan in my desktop machine. I figured if the power supply was about to die, the CPU fan wouldn't last much longer. I just ordered a new Thermaltake Volcano 7 which should arrive in a few days.