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meErik's Pulse has been published.


java blogDaniel — Is anyone actually using …

javaThe Results Are In: Wily Announces Completion of J2EE Survey.

blogCarlos— Why Can't Microsoft Deliver 64-Bit .NET?

blogMatt — Local Area Security Linux 0.4.

moblogRuss — See what happens? Nokia 6600 in Spain.

mobileP900 now official. Sony Ericsson unveiled the much anticipated P900 smartphone.

musicUSA Today reviews iTunes for Windows. There is a way out of Apple's lock-in strategy.

blogDavid — Google inline definition: blog.

blogMark — Hacking the Hacker.

blogSteve — New Oracle XML Developer Kit Releases Posted.

technologyVictory declared in the open source war that never was. But that's not all right then, really…

netAppeals Court Upholds Web-Radio Royalty Fee. Radio stations must pay copyright fees to the artists and record labels whose songs they play over the Internet.

java blogFred — PHP as a Java servlet?


meI've just released version 1.0.1 of the Google Tag Library. This version adds the ability to search for specific type of documents.


javaJSP File Browser 0.6, a Web-based file access and manipulation system.

macApple is 'Innovator of the past 30 years'. Computing Magazine Awards for Excellence 2003.

windowsDespite a New Outlook, Office 2003 Offers Little Reason to Upgrade. Of course it does, new security holes :-)

java blogMatt — My IDEA Evaluation - Eclipse is better.

blogCharles — What's Your Threat Model?

macOver 1 million iTunes for Windows downloaded, in 3.5 days.

technologyNot So Quiet on Tech Job Front. Postings on Craiglist and Monster.com have increased "sharply".

netmod_security 1.7, an Apache module that performs audit logging and request filtering.

blogAaron — Victory: Google Updates Terms and Conditions.

moblogDiego — O2's and Vodafone's "idiot upgrade package".

java blogRick — Eclipse and IntelliJ IDEA tied.

musicKinder, Gentler RIAA. Sue first, ask questions later.

netWoman Sentenced for Intercepting E-Mail. 60 days of home detention for intercepting her husband's ex-wife's e-mail.


java blogJerason — Current IDE usage.

java blogCarlos — The Swing Connection Reloaded and Why Is Microsoft Interested In C++?

blogDiego — and speaking of kill bill…

moblogMatt — Generic Linkdump #237, Linuxant Broadcom 802.11g Drivers for Linux, Console Apps and Quicklinks.

blogRuss — My New VUE.

moblogJim — Smartphones as pocket hogs - reprise.

moblogGuy — Why would anybody want to program a Palm, using Visual Basic?

java blogRusty — Sun has released JavaHelp 2.0.

java blogSam — RSSReaper.

java blogGlen — First Experiences with JNI.

blogJason — The road to 2004 (I'm looking for another job).

blogMichael — Simplistic subsets.

java blogDebashish — Code Analyzers.

java blogHani — java.util.logging shoddiness.

java blogVincent — JUnit in Action - off to press.

java blogChris — Struts with Spring.

blogKevin — Remember Rip, Mix, Burn?

moblogPaul — YourSymbian Editor.

blogJeffrey — All About Subversion.

java blogLars — IMAP for Cocoon.

blogMartin — C-Refactory.

blogNelson  — TorrentSpy.

moblogKenneth — Sprint wireless on the Zaurus.

blogMartin — Writing by numbers.

javaJCache alpha 3, a Java Caching Service.

javaWhy JCP was forced to change its act. Java Community Process.

javaAn introduction to J2EE security. Java is designed for secure development and deployment.

pcThe best sub-$500 desktops. CompReviews.About.com.

mobileBig problems with the Treo 600? No one seems to know precisely what's really going on.

newsBlaine walks free from box. I know it's his schtick, but I'm not impressed one bit.