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java blogDaniel — An HTML client.

newsFeds: WindowsXP + Music Download Service = AntiTrust? Launches Social Networking Service. Web-based networking section where members can communicate with other job seekers.

booksReview: Wireless Hacks.

javaIBM Releases J2EE Code Validation Tool. J2EE Code Validator.

blogMatt — JBuilder X.

moblogRuss — Confidence in Symbian.

mobileReview: P900.

blogRusty — Sun has released StarOffice 7.0.

java blogThomas — Navel 0.2 Released.

java blogDavid — IntelliJ Aurora, build 957 is out.

java blogJoshua — How about a jApp for my car?

java blogMarc — Java Web Services Developer Pack (JWSDP) 1.3 Released.

java blogRobert — iDEN and MIDP 2.0.

blogRick — $129 for Panther? Hard to find the value...

java blogHani — IDEA jilted lovers.

moblogAndreas — Developing for the Sony Ericsson P800 on Linux.

blogPrabhu — TCP/IP Optimizer.

blogJeremy — ZDNet on PingID, Federated Identity.

blogNiel — MP3 Encoding Isn't Trivial.

musicTest iPod contre Philips HDD 100. iPod vs. Philips HDD 100.

pcToshiba's new laptops. P25-S509, P15-S409 and P10-S429.


technologyNewsForge readers' top 10 application categories. Honor was paid to gcc at the top of the list, followed closely by a tie between Python and Quanta.

moblogGuy — Who needs an iPod when they've got a Newton?

java blogRick — Tomcat 5 and IntelliJ IDEA - any workarounds?

moblogRafe — Series 60 newsis X Announced.

musicNew Stereo Linked to Online Music Store. A prototype of an audiovisual system that can download song files from an online store without a PC.


java blogRick — JDK 1.4.2_02 released.

java blogHani — The ubiquitous NullPointerException.

java blogAndreas — Just4log.

blogLeslie — Quick links.

blogChris — Compile-time implementation enforcement... in Perl.

blogMike — XQuery Wiki.

blogSeyed — Creating a company.

javaJaffa 1.3.0, an enterprise-focused Java framework for rapid application development.

blogRuss — More Weblogs in the Real World: Spending My Weblog Karma.

moblogThomas — Reportage sur France2 sur le wi-fi dans les chaines d'hotels et les tgv.

moblogJim — P900 Launched and Wheel re-inventing.

Sendo X

mobileSendo X Smartphone. Take that, M$.

macMac OS X 10.3 (Panther) Shipping.

javaJava Servlet SAPI. How to use PHP in a Java Servlet.

netSpam fighters defeat nuisance junk mail lawsuit. But landed with big legal bill.

blogDiego — auto-everything.

netHi-tech grocery shopping becoming reality. The Shopping Buddy.

blogMatt — Movie Trends: Kill Bill and Lost in Translation.

javaTutorial: Creating an Online Help System with JavaHelp and DocBook.

javaXPP, a streaming pull XML parser.