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java blogMatt — Web Frameworks - which one should I learn?

java blogAlan — Javaworld: Please don't read us anymore...please!

windowsIE2PDF. Convert HTML pages to PDF, including DHTML, etc.

wirelessFun with Bluetooth at the Acura Dealership.

developmentgcc 3.3.2. The GNU Compiler Collection.

neteBay Sued For Trademark Infringement. '$1 No Reserve' .

netLogiLogi 0.28, a MultiLanguage, sectioned Wiki-like system.

musicWindows iTunes sparks mixed reactions. Reactions range from unabashed praise to complaints of bugs.


netJabber is on Fire. More users than ICQ, etc.

blogNeema — iTunes for Windows.

musicNapster MP3 Player Better than iPod? FM, line-in, etc.

blogMatt — OS X: Apps I dig.

pdaFirst impressions of Viewsonic's V36 Pocket PC. BargainPDA isn't particularly impressed with it.

mobileNokia CEO: Almost all Nokia phones will be cameraphones.

javaPHP Scales As Well As Java. Jack Herrington at the O'Reilly Network has had the audacity to claim that...

blogMatt — the new $20.

blogRuss — iPod Next Generation.

mobileCell-Phone Ownership Continues To Grow. Houston 74%, Atlanta 73%, Honolulu 70%, Miami 69%...

blogArj — iTunes revisited.

blogRogers — Sun offers icon graphic collection.

musicMicrosoft: iTunes Store too limited for Windows users.

musicA new wave of file-swapping lawsuits. 204 individuals notified. Did you check your snail mail today?

blogHolmes — Defending the families sued by the RIAA.


javaComparing PHP and J2EE architectures. The PHP Scalability Myth.

javaDataBean. A a Java library that provides features for mapping a database table to a Java class.

javaTiger JMail. Tiger JMail is a direct replacement for Sun's javamail.

javaROXES Ant Tasks 1.1 Open Source released.

blogSebastiano — iTunes for Windows not up to expectations.

blogDave — iTunes for Windows.

blogSteve — Apple doesn't make money with iTunes store?

How could it make any money, considering how much they have to pay the music industry, transaction fees, the cost of bandwidth, etc.?

Not to mention that the artists make close to nothing.

javaJChanBot, a new Java IRC bot.

newsTeen hacker is not guilty. Sensational verdict.

java blogDave — re: Arguing XDoclet.

java blogDaniel — We almost lost JavaWorld.

newsNew Ferrari 612 Scaglietti. To be presented at Detroit Motorshow in January 2004.

java blogPhilip — Sun: Threatened by Standards?


java blogMatt — JSTL and Dreamweaver has JSP Tag Completion.

java blogChris — Optimizing XML parsing with code generation.

java blogAndy — New Toys: Borland JBuilder 9 (On OS X) and Mozilla Firebird 0.7.

newsSCO Wins $50 Million Investment. Private investment deal led by BayStar Capital.

developmentMaya now Free for Personal Use. Free download for non-commercial applications.

blogLeslie — Quick links.

meMy version of iTunes for Windows won't recognize CDs. Matt tells me that his doesn't find MP3s, even when told where they are.

blogSylvain — Safari on Windows?

windowsiTunes Windows - First Impressions. Favorable?

technologyThe Future: Mercedes-Benz F 500 Mind. Talk to me, baby.

musicPepsi, Apple team to lure kids to DRM. 100,000 song giveaway.

wirelessWhy The WiFi Is Free At Buck's. If you live in Silicon Valley, you know about Buck's...