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meErik's Pulse has been published.

moblogEwan — Same Game Launched. Congrats!

blogGarth— How To Keep Your Job.

javaFindBugs 0.6.1, a Java-bug finder.

tvReplayTV caves in. Stripping out all of the commercial-skipping and show-sharing features that were pissing off the entertainment industry.

technologySCO Copyright Claims Questioned. The Free Software Foundation hit back.

netMichael Jackson Slams The Idea Of Putting File Traders In Jail. MJ is against the ACCOPS Act.


javaMacromedia renews J2EE license. Renews J2EE License Agreement for JRun.

blogRuss — Out To Lunch.

blogMatt — Blosxom 2.0 Released.

moblogRod — How to access funky characters on your Zaurus.

blogMatt — Which new laptop would you buy? I left a comment.

java blogRusty — Version 4.0.2 of ICEMail...

java blogErb — Java 1.5: The end of Java?

java blogNiel — J2ME Development With Eclipse and Antenna (HOWTO).

pdaFossil/Palm PDA Watch Reviewed. Walt Mossberg of the Wall Street Journal.

pcReview: Small Hornet PC Stacks Up Well.

pdaSamsung debuts ‘world's fastest’ PDA CPU. Beats XScale by 133MHz

developmentReal Basic to target Linux. Compilation support coming but no IDE for now.

java blogDominic — Eric Giguere and J2MEDeveloper.com.


meI just got a call from Moreover.com. They will be shutting this page down.
Apparently the free feed ride is over.

I've always wondered how they made any money considering that so many of their services were free.

musicApple: Pods Unite.

java blogRusty — JXV 0.4.

blogJames — more OS X stuff: VoodooPad.

blogMike — In Search of Stupidity.

blogMark — Open Source and Quality Assurance.

javaIBM Adds ‘Traffic Cop’ Feature to WebSphere. Automatically monitors application workloads and routes traffic from one server to another.

moblogDominic — TuxMobil: Linux on mobile computers.

blogBruce — Interview and Weak Typing.

java blogHani — JSR 168, the sucky bits.


blogMatt — Typical Sunday Roundup.

netAccess Denied: RIAA, MPAA Blocked From Techfocus.

developmentPython and the Tipping Point. A Conversation with Bruce Eckel, Part IV.

moblogMatt — RSS Creator and New Samsung Mobile Chip.

moblogGlenn — Woz Tracks You—Slowly.

blogCharles — The Fifteen Minute Test.

blogNorm — IE Rules.

java blogChristoph — Eclipse 3.0 M2 – New and Noteworthy.

java blogPat — OpenSymphony gaining momentum.

java blogJean-Yves — Server-Side Java with the Struts Framework on Mac OS X.

musicYamaha's MusicCast wireless digital audio system. I just saw them in the latest Good Guys catalog.

netLycos Offers “Second Opinion” Search Results. New utility displays Lycos search results next to results from Google, Yahoo, etc.

pdaFossil Wrist PDA delayed to 30 Sept. Embarrassing.

On July 21, 2002 — WorldCom Inc. filed for Chapter 11 bankruptcy protection. At the time it was the largest bankruptcy in U.S. history.