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javaXML Publishing with Cocoon 2, Part 2.

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javaantenna 0.9.10, J2ME/MIDP ant tasks.

macApple reports $19 million profit, or 5 cents a share.

musicBuy.com confirms ‘iMusic’ store. All The iMusic You Can Buy.com.

windowsCritical Flaw Leaves Windows Server 2003 Vulnerable. Microsoft has issued a patch for a serious vulnerability found in Windows Server 2003.


javaThe Promise of Java Everywhere. What does it take to bring Java into all parts of your operation?

javaIs Sun making a mistake? What is Sun doing?

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mobileGSL's new Palm-powered smartphone. Xplore G18.

javaBEA Releases WebLogic 8.1 Platform.


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macMacromedia Contribute 2 offers PayPal, Mac OS X support.

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mobileGPRS networks vulnerable to DOS attacks. GPRS network could be hacked.

moblogTom — MTV launching mobile content...

java blogDavid — For Java, LGPL is viral.

moblogRealRadix — Bluetooth vs Infra Red speeds.

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meWhat a difference a day make. Max just woke up and she seems to be doing a lot better. She ate a little and jumped right on the bed. The pill we gave her knocked her out for quite a few hours, but she needed the rest.


javaJSpell, a spell checker API for Java.

javaXMLmind Spell-Checker / SDK edition, a Development Kit designed to add spell-checking functionalities in Java applications.

javaXDE's Spell Checker, a spell checker Java applet and HTML only spell checker client.

javaSentry Spelling Checker Engine, a class library developers can use to add a spell checker to their Java applications, applets, and servlets.

wirelessNew in-flight cell phone technology on the horizon. WirelessCabin.

wirelessBusinesses See Wi-Fi as Potential Lure. Restaurants, hotels wooing customers with wireless access

javaROK Files for Java Patent. For its secure Java-based mobile gaming download technology.

javaChoose the Right Object Persistence. Making a choice among JDBC, CMP, and JDO can be critical in enterprise application design.

java blogMatt — Roundup: Moz, Perl, Digital and Tomcat.

mobileSiemens SX-1 has digital zoom.

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blogBryce — theKompany.rom.

java blogMike — Is there any bloody value in coding standards?

javaJavaWizardComponent 1.1, a Java Swing component for creating wizards.

netProgramming your TiVo via AOL. AOL members can now remotely program their Series 2 TiVos for free.

mobileTake the cellphone test. Need help picking a cellphone?

mobileThe Nokia Spy Camera Phone. Observation.

pcTransmeta powers first sub-$800 Tablet PC. VIA Antaur version too.

mobileGSM to overtake CDMA in USA. Within two years.

blogDiego — comments: to close or not to close?

On July 16, 1979 — Saddam Hussein became president of Iraq after forcing Hasan al-Bakr to resign.