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blogDamien — Giving up. I made the cut. ;-)

blogJeremy — Morpheus Drops the Spyware.

java blogMatt — Upgrading to latest WebTest and Cactus.

blogJoi — I'm not Joi Ito, that's just my name.

macHow to stay in sync with CVS. An alternative to Apple's Backup and iSync.

macApple airs new Power Mac G5 commercial. Features a Mac user literally being “blown away” by the new system...


javaTech Tips: Using the Preferences API and Interfaces and Constants.

blogRuss — Neat Trillian Pro Trick. Russ discovers old IRC tricks.

pcIntel doubles earnings in Q2. Happy birthday! Free PCs!

java blogMatt — Fun with Tomcat 5.0.4.

blogDoug — Netscape is Dead.

javaJava Email Server 2.0 Alpha 2, an SMTP/POP3 email server.

macMicrosoft to revise Office v.X with new editions, price cuts.

musicLavigne offers exclusive music through ITMS. I listened to the samples, not her best *live* stuff by a long shot.

pdaHandspring's new Blazer 3.0 browser to be powered by ACCESS. Based on ACCESS NetFront 3.0, sports features like Web page display optimization for the Handspring Treo 600.

mobileMotorola posts $119 million profit on lower sales.


moblogMatt — A Bluetooth Keyboard For My Phone and CA Gets Sonar.

javaAppeals Court Hands Down Split Decision. Microsoft won’t have to carry Java, but did violate Sun’s copyrights.

java blogDiego — cc beta2 r2 & other things.

java blogEugene — Beggregator 0.1 available.

blogDave — Mozilla Foundation.

blogChris — Python Web Frameworks.

java blogNorman — Rent a Fool.

macApple Stores offer Windows-Mac QuickBooks conversion. 1.1 RC coming to OS X soon.

mobileThe Quiet Car. Cellphone-free.

javaMicrosoft Targets J2EE Users with JLCA 2.0. Java Language Conversion Assistant.

java blogRod — my pet bug, or another example of how sun doesn't get community development.

moblogNiel — Unlimited Has Secret Limits for Sprint. Qwest does the same thing with their unlimited long distance plan, which is really 5000 minutes.

blogBob — We will not ship shit.

java blogRuss — A Thought About Java and Python.

blogMartin — Di a Death.


meWe just got from the vet. She gave us some pills (pain killers) and recommended that we increase the IV to 100/150cc per day.


pdaFujitsu creates 800x600 PDA LCD. It's all in the backlighting.

blogEric — Perl From Eclipse IDE?

java blogRusty — The third beta of BlueJ 1.3 has been posted.

mobileAAS Experimental Handango New Software RSS Feeds. List software newly listed on the Handango website.

java blogRusty — Jakarta Element Construction Set 1.4.2, a Java class library for generating markup code.

blogCedric — Thoughts on Google's AdSense. I have noticed the same trend.

linuxLinux Rules the Day at CA World. CA is working on a range of new Linux deals, initiatives and products, including an upcoming partnership with Ximian Inc.

pcToshiba enters 17in notebook market. Like a PowerBook only cheaper. issue rears ugly head again. Free speech or trademark infringement?

java blogDominic — Receive a fax on a J2ME phone.

blogEric — Red Hat RPM Guide is Out.

javaJakarta Cactus 1.5-beta1, a unit testing framework for testing server side java code.

mobileStaying alive. BusinessWeek article on what the cellular carriers have to do to survive once number portability goes into effect on November 24.


meOur cat, Max, is not doing well at all. She spent most of the night meowing in pain, and we're powerless. Hopefully the vet will know of something else we can do.

[@619] to start music service. Retailer hopes to copy Apple's iTunes success. offers Microtel PC with Linux. Wal-Mart Stores' online shop is offering a PC with a bundle of preloaded open-source software products from SuSE Linux.

gadgetsSpy on Your Car. The CharChip monitors your engine's internal sensors...

java blogConor — Ant 1.6 is cooking.

blogAdam — matrixXP.

netOpenOffice 1.1 RC 1 Released.

moblogKevin — Hiptop Available In Canada Soon.

java blogAlan — Still Too Many EJBs.

blogJon — Test-driven development.

blogJeremy — News: Legal Eagles in MP3 format.


javaOrbeon ships version 2.0 of the Open XML Framework (OXF).

javaHitachi Selects The Mind Electric Web Services Technology. TME GLUE and TME GAIA.

blogBill — A Browser in Zero Lines with WebKit.

java blogHeinz — Once Upon an Oak...

javaJava FileMover 0.6.2, a regular expression mass file renaming and moving utility featuring a Swing UI.

technologyCorel founder slams ‘pathetic’ bid. Best wishes to rebels.

java blogAlan — 13 days ... JDJ = porn? ... linuxworld ... 61 and Don't panic ... you don't need to know everything.

java blogWerner — JDK 1.4.2 Performance whitepaper.

linuxBig Blue puts big investment in Linux. More programmers hired to improve operating system on Power processors.

javaJEncoder 3.69, yet another Java obfuscator.

javaJameleon 1.2. A new HttpUnit plugin was added.

moblogTom — Mobile content and DRM and Amazon faked an employee weblog.

java blogTobias — JSP is not VB.

java blogMark — SMS Jabber Transport.

blogSimon — Visual Basic to Python.

mobileSony-Ericsson stops the rot. Sales, shipments climb again.

maciPod and Volkswagen Beetle unite. Buy a beetle get a pod.

moblogRuss — Lunching With Moof.

On July 15, 1965 — The spacecraft Mariner IV sent back the first close-up pictures of the planet Mars.