Here's to ya, DSL Boy.

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netBlog noise is ‘life or death’ for Google. Russ is my bitch.

mobilePhone masts under waves of criticism. Mobile users “feel like guinea pigs.”

netBugbear.B continues its rampage. Antivirus experts again warned that the latest mass-mailing computer virus, Bugbear.B, is continuing its rapid spread across the Net.

moblogBrent — Ben Hammersley interview.

blogRogers — Undeclared entities in OPML outlines.

pcAcer's new non-convertible Tablet PC. TravelMate 240, no swivel.

java blogSue — JavaOne 2003— A brave new world.

java blogJeff — Eclipse 3.0 M1 is out!

java blogMatt — Out-of-the-Box — My Review.

blogJeremy — Yahoo! Buzz RSS Feeds.

blogDan — What the heck is: Garbage Collection.

netEBay users hit by sales tax. The online auction firm is to start charging sellers VAT to comply with new EU law.


mobileCourt OK's Number Portability. Can you hear me now?

java blogMatt — RE: Sun to Rave about ease of use at JavaOne.

java blogRusty — Cafe au Lait now has an RSS feed. Mr. XML finally does RSS.

java blogLance — Job Opportunities.

java blogJoe — Tackling web apps in CF, Java, ASP... and Zope.

java blogAaron — Using Sockets in CFMX.

netWired to publish Slammer code. Wired plans to publish the underlying code for the Slammer worm that slowed Internet traffic to a crawl in January.

net6,000 times faster than broadband? A research team has unveiled a new system to turbocharge the Internet.


javaSun to unveil Project Rave development tool.

blogMatt — is For Sale.

technologyOracle Offers to Buy PeopleSoft for $5.1 Billion. Got any pocket-change?

java blogPatrick — JBoss invents Content Management.

netGoogle and Amazon win at the Webbys. Some of the ugliest sites on the net have won, once again. ;-)

pcSharp's new Tablet PC. Mebius MURAMASA PC-TN1-H1W.

javaCo-Evolving with Developers: A Conversation with Jonathan Schwartz.

java blogDominic — JDO Quick Reference sheet.

java blogSam — Review - Bug Patterns in Java by Eric Allen.

java blogCarlos — One Architecture to Bind Them All.

netThe Geek Test. My wife found that one.

javaCommons FileUpload 1.0 Release Candidate 1.

javaTapestry 3.0-beta-1a.This is the first release since Tapestry ascended to full project status at Jakarta


javaPircBot, an IRC bot API in Java. Thanks, Moof.

meThanks to Christoph, Anders, Fokko, Padraic and Arjun for pointing me to various .CSV solutions. Looks like com.Ostermiller.util will do the job for me.

javaWeb Services Developer Pack 1.2 (JWSDP) released.

java blogAlan — Eclipse is really the wrong direction.

java blogJavier — Why Java instead of PHP? — Part I.

java blogMike — JBoss Nukes ‘only’ Open Source Java CMS? Bullshit!

java blogOrb — End-to-End J2ME Application Development.

java blogBrent — Wiki installing.

blogStuart — WinMerge.

java blogDamien — Are JSP worth the pain?

mobileHow GPS technology could violate your privacy. Technology, ethics, cool gadgets, bad employees, cheating spouses, stolen cars, reckless teenagers, Mexican tourism, traffic accidents, and, oh yes, Father's Day gifts.

javaSun seeks widespread Java brand. Sun plans to spend tens of millions of dollars to emblazon all manner of computing products with a new Java logo.

pdaPalm Tungsten-T follow-up revealed? Piccy and spec. posted in China.

On June 6 — Diego Doval was born.